Insanity Workout Schedule

Insanity Workout Schedule

What Is the Insanity Workout Schedule?

The Insanity Workout Schedule is a fitness program developed for people who would like to exercise at home and mostly consists of strength training and cardio exercises. The program is very intensive and challenging since its main purpose is to help people improve their physics in a short period of time.

The Insanity Workout Schedule PDF version can be downloaded through the link below.

Alternate Names:

  • Insanity Schedule;
  • Insanity Workout Calendar.

The training program is presented in the form of a calendar (or a schedule), which makes it quite convenient. It is easier for people to follow the program if they have a daily reminder of which kinds of workouts they are supposed to do on a certain day.


How to Start the Insanity Workout Schedule?

The schedule for the insanity workout contains information about training sessions once a day, six days a week (and one day for rest), for two months. After the first four weeks of training, it provides a recovery week, during which the training individuals are supposed to do cardio workouts and exercises dedicated to balance development.

The program starts with a fitness test, during which the training individuals should measure their weight and their physical abilities when doing certain exercises. They can include:

  • Switch Kicks. The training individuals should stand up straight and kick each leg out in front as high as they can, alternating as they go;
  • Power Jacks. These are jumping jacks but with putting additional emphasis on the legs by adding a deep squat;
  • Power Jumps. The training individuals are supposed to lower into a squat with their knees wide, then jump straight up, bring their knees in high in the center and touch their hands;
  • Plank Oblique. A plank position in which the training individual puts their forearms on the floor instead of their hands. The alternate knees must be brought out to the sides.

The full list of exercises can be found on the calendar. Each one of them is supposed to be done for a minute, with a thirty-second break after. The fitness test is supposed to be done on the first, fifteenth, thirty sixth, fiftieth, and sixty-third day of the training. The calendar provides a chart for the training individuals where they are able to mark their progress.

On the day after the fitness test, the training individuals are supposed to continue following the schedule, and all the required training accordingly. These exercises include:

  • Plyometric Cardio Circuit Training. It is a complex of full-body cardio exercises that were developed to push the muscles to their full potential in a short period of time;
  • Cardio Power and Resistance Exercises. These exercises are focusing on the legs and triceps and include a lot of jumps, push-ups, kicks, etc.;
  • Cardio Recovery Workout. This workout should be done once a week. It allows the muscles to recover from the intense training and consists of muscle stretching, yoga, and deep muscle work;
  • Pure Cardio Training. This type of training is similar to the interval training but is more intense. Its primary focus is on cardio, however, a number of strength training exercises are included.

How Long Does it Take to See Results With the Insanity Workout?

The program is tough, nevertheless, it will take some time for the training individuals to see results. With each training, their agility, endurance, and muscle tone will improve, but the results depend on each specific individual. From the experience of those people who finished the program, if a training individual will stick with the program, they might see their first results after the first two weeks. Others claimed to notice the results after one month of training.

In order to achieve better results, some training individuals find it effective to use the insanity diet schedule. The insanity meal plan provides individuals with nutritional recommendations and a balanced diet that will help to fuel them before the training, and at the same time, create the right calorie deficit to help the weight loss.

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