Free Workout Schedule Templates

What Is a Workout Schedule?

A Workout Schedule is a program of workouts developed for individuals who would like to reach certain results in a specific time. The purpose of the workout plan is to provide individuals with information about the kinds of workouts and when they are supposed to do them, as well as help them to be disciplined and determined to achieve any goals they have set.

A lot of different workout schedules focus on various goals and contain numerous exercises. Individuals are free to choose something that will work best for them, their level of fitness, and their health. For a full list of workout schedule templates feel free to check out our library below.

Nevertheless, before choosing a workout plan individuals should check with their general practitioner and with their trainer. They will help to find an appropriate workout schedule that will not only improve their physique but also will not do them any harm.

Types of Workout Schedules

There are many types of workout plans and programs, some of which are more popular than others. Needless to say that many have earned their favorability due to their efficiency. The most common workout schedules include:

  • P90x Workout Schedule. Individuals who are in good shape can try this intense workout program to improve their physique. It consists of exercises for six to seven days for 90 days, each one of them lasts from 60 to 90 minutes;
  • P90x3 Workout Schedule. This workout plan contains workouts for each day of the week for 90 days. It includes 16 workouts, each one of them lasts for 30 minutes and varies from yoga to cardio or stretching, and so on;
  • Insanity Workout Schedule. In this fitness program, individuals can find mostly strength training and cardio exercises that are supposed to improve their physique in a short period of time. The program is very intense and challenging so it might not be the best choice for beginners; 
  • 21 Day Fix Workout Schedule. As it is clear from the title, this workout calendar covers 21 days and has a workout for each one of them. It consists of mostly cardio and yoga exercises;
  • T25 Workout Schedule. This weekly workout schedule provides individuals with exercises for several weeks, each workout does not last longer than 25 minutes. It can be useful for those individuals who cannot spend 60 minutes training yet want to achieve all of the benefits of a full workout; 
  • Body Beast Workout Schedule. If individuals are interested in weight training, they should pay attention to this workout calendar. It is focused on gaining mass and burning fat by exercising almost every day of the week.

How to Create a Workout Schedule?

Creating a fitness calendar is a straightforward process. If the individual has found a workout schedule template they like and are willing to try, they can download it from our website and follow the directions it contains.

Nevertheless, if the individual would like to try something more personalized they can create their workout schedule. This schedule will be fully based on their individuality, physical capacity, and the goals they have set for themselves.

While constructing a workout calendar for themselves individuals should pay attention to several aspects, namely:

  1. The Goal. Whether individuals are aiming to lose weight or build mass, it is better to start by putting their goals in writing. The whole workout routine will be built around the goal - it will define how often they need to work out, how long they should exercise for, and what kind of exercises they should include in their schedule. 
  2. Exercises. After the individual has defined their goals, they can focus on figuring out how they will get there. All the questions about the exercises can be answered by a professional (a personal trainer) or by browsing the internet. Nevertheless, if the individual has any health concerns they should be extra careful while choosing workouts they would like to include in their schedule. It can be a good idea to check with their general practitioner about the list of exercises they curious to try.
  3. Equipment. Some types of workouts require individuals to use different fitness equipment. A jump rope, a yoga mat, a fitness ball, or kettlebells - individuals must specify which items they will need for their training and obtain them.

This is a list of the most general points that individuals must consider, however, there are many more to keep in mind. To make sure individuals did not miss anything important they can use the workout schedule templates on our website as an example of what the perfect fitness program should look like.

What Is a Good Workout Schedule?

The proper workout schedule can vary from individual to individual. When trying to figure out what kind of fitness calendar will work best for them, individuals should check if it satisfies all of their requests. But most importantly, a good workout schedule is a program that the individual will be following from the beginning till the end without any gaps. To make sure they have chosen a good workout routine for themselves, individuals should respond to a few questions, which include the following:

  • Does this workout schedule match my physique level? A workout schedule that is too challenging can leave individuals disappointed or can even cause harm, which stops them from exercising. 
  • Does this program provide me with the exercises that I want to do? Another reason why individuals give up is that they grow tired from doing the same exercises over and over again. 
  • Does this schedule’s goal match my own fitness goal? If the individual’s goal is to lose weight, then they should focus on fitness calendars that make a promise to achieve that goal during a moderate period of time.

How to Workout With a Busy Schedule?

Many individuals put their workout plans on a pause because of their busy schedules. However, if the individual has a heavy workload but still wants to follow a weekly workout schedule, they can follow a few recommendations, which are:

  1. Get Up Earlier. Waking up earlier than usual can provide you with a few hours of free time which can be spent working out.
  2. Keep Workout Clothes Handy. If your business meeting got canceled or your working day finished earlier, you can always use this window of opportunity to go to the closest gym and workout.
  3. Find the closest gym. If there is a gym near your work or home (depending on where you spend the majority of your day), do not hesitate - join it!
  4. Find a Workout Partner. Working out with a company makes it more entertaining, plus it is harder to cancel those plans since your workout buddy is relying on you.



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This P90X Worksheet contains a list of exercises for the back and biceps and is designed in a special way which helps individuals track their progress.

This is a visual template used to inform studio clients and gym members about the planned class activities taught by trainers.

If you want to focus on your fitness and get the best results, you will need this type of template to aid you in the process.


This is a list of planned physical exercises a person is determined to do during the course of a month.

This is a schedule that breaks down your workouts over a week so you may specifically plan your daily exercise routine.

This template refers to a comprehensive list of physical activities an individual is supposed to follow seven days a week in order to improve their fitness.

This workout schedule makes it easier for people to follow the Insanity Workout program by providing a daily reminder of which kinds of workouts they are supposed to do on a certain day.

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