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Are you looking to improve your fitness level? Look no further! Our comprehensive collection of resources will help you on your journey to a healthier and more active lifestyle. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete, our fitness level documents have got you covered.

From heart rate training zones to personalized fitness assessments, you'll find everything you need to measure and track your progress. Our Perceived Exertion Rating Chart will help you determine how hard you're working during exercise, while our Personal Training Contract Template will ensure you have the right guidance and support from a professional trainer.

Not sure what activities count as aerobic exercises? Our Physical Activity Guidelines provide clear recommendations on what qualifies as aerobic activities, helping you choose the right exercises to improve your fitness level.

Don't waste any more time searching for information on fitness levels. Our collection of documents, also known as fitness level resources, will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to reach your goals. Start your fitness journey today and unlock a healthier, stronger you!




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This Form is used for conducting a fitness assessment at Powerhouse Gym. It includes various measurements and evaluations to determine your current fitness level. It helps in creating a personalized fitness plan and tracking progress.

This chart provides target heart rates for different age groups during exercise to help optimize cardiovascular fitness.

This document provides a chart that shows different heart rate training zones and their corresponding intensities. It helps individuals determine the appropriate intensity for their workouts based on their target heart rate.

This document provides a chart to help determine the level of exertion during physical activity.

This document provides a score chart for the Combat Fitness Test, a test used to measure the physical fitness of military personnel. The chart shows the scoring criteria based on performance in various exercises.

Are you a personal trainer looking to sell your services? Are you an individual looking to enter into an agreement with a personal trainer? This document clearly outlines the guarantees necessary when making an arrangement.

This Form is used for recording the official physical readiness test score of Navy personnel.

This document provides guidelines on what activities are considered aerobic for the purpose of physical activity. It includes examples of aerobic exercises like walking, running, cycling, and swimming.

This Form is used for individuals applying for their initial physical fitness certification in the state of South Carolina.

An individual or organization may use this type of template to determine and analyze the health condition of a person prior to them signing up for and taking part in some sort of fitness program.

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