Free Certificate of Recognition Templates

What Is a Certificate of Recognition?

A Certificate of Recognition is awarded to an individual who has excelled in something and somebody wants to highlight this accomplishment.

Alternate Name:

  • Recognition Certificate.

Usually, these types of certificates are handed out by seniors at a company, sometimes even directly from business owners themselves. However, the certificate doesn’t necessarily have to formally come from someone at work. Perhaps you want to recognize the actions or a particular achievement of a friend or relative. The purpose still remains the same, you want to applaud and recognize a certain individual for something that they have done.

When thinking about your Certificate of Recognition, you should take into account the Certificate of Recognition design. This will depend on what the recognition is. For example, someone may have saved your cat from being stuck in a tree or someone may have developed a new health and safety protocol, which has been approved by international guidelines. Two very different themes and tones would be used in the design of this certificate. Using an editable Certificate of Recognition will allow you to make the necessary changes and input the appropriate information as best suited for your certificate.

For a full list of Certificate of Recognition templates please feel free to check out our library below.

How Do I Get a Certificate of Recognition?

Obtaining a Certificate of Recognition is not an easy task. You have to do something spectacular and be devoted to what you are doing, no matter the field that you are working in. When somebody recognizes your hard work, efforts, and devotion it is always a positive feeling no matter if you are a student, in employment, or in any other situation. This will motivate the recipient even more and will show other colleagues or students that this is what they should be aiming for and that with the right mindset and hard work, they can also achieve the same things.

The Certificate of Recognition can also act as a simple award for achieving a particular milestone, whether it is personal or work-related. It can also simply show gratitude for taking part in an event or working in a team that has achieved something notable.

There are many premade certificates available online that you can order in large packs. However, it is always nice to add your own personal touch and edit them in such a way that best suits your personality and the occasion. You can use an editable template and consider which design would be the most suitable. This depends on the occasion. For example, does it need to be professional, is it for a school or for personal use? Consider relating the theme and purpose to the design by using the hints below:

  • If it is a professional certificate, you can add a company logo;
  • Consider the fonts used, this will vary depending on the level of formality;
  • If the certificate is personal and informal, consider making it colorful;
  • Maybe you would like to opt to include a photograph that is either theme-related, or of the recipient themselves.

Still looking for a particular template? Take a look at the related templates below:




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This document is a template for an International Friendship Certificate of Recognition used to acknowledge and commemorate strong friendships between individuals or groups from different countries. It can be customized and presented as a token of appreciation for fostering cross-cultural understanding and cooperation.

This type of document is a template for creating a certificate to recognize someone as a team player. It can be used for various occasions such as sports teams, workplace recognition, or volunteer organizations. The template provides a professional and customizable design.

This document is a certificate template used to recognize and commend hard work and achievement. It features a dove design.


This document is a template for a certificate of recognition that can be awarded to someone who has done their best in a particular task or project. It can be used to acknowledge and appreciate an individual's hard work and dedication.

This certificate template is specifically designed to recognize individuals for their impressive hot dog eating skills. It can be used to honor winners of hot dog eating contests or individuals who have achieved remarkable feats in the realm of consuming hot dogs.

This type of document is a customizable certificate template in blue color that can be used to recognize someone's achievements or accomplishments.

This document is a template that can be used to create a recognition certificate for an outstanding employee who has been designated as the Employee of the Quarter. It can be customized with the employee's name, the company logo, and other relevant details to acknowledge and celebrate their achievements.

This document is a template for creating a Certificate of Recognition. It has a black design.

This document is a template for a special recognition award certificate. It can be used to recognize outstanding achievements or contributions.

This Certificate of Recognition template features a dark green design. It's a great way to acknowledge and honor someone's achievements.

This document is a template for a Certificate of Recognition with a blue design. It can be used to acknowledge and honor someone's achievements or contributions.

This document template is used to create a Certificate of Recognition with a red design. It can be customized to acknowledge and honor outstanding achievements or contributions.

This document is a certificate of recognition from Michigan State University in Michigan. It is awarded to individuals for their accomplishments or contributions.

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