Free Name Tag Templates

What Is a Name Tag?

Whenever you come to a new place, particularly if there are large groups of new people it may be a good idea to wear a Name Tag. It is usually worn on clothing where it will be easily visible to the surrounding people. 

Alternate Name:

  • Name Badge.

They are extremely useful in businesses that have a large customer service focus as it allows clients to recognize a staff member by name. It also makes the client feel more comfortable approaching a staff member as it slightly breaks down the barrier between customer and employee. In professional settings when employees do not have a set uniform, wearing a Name Tag allows an employee to stand out from customers as they can be easily identified. 

Instead of using a typical, slightly boring Name Tag – why not try and create a custom Name Badge that will reflect you and your personality? We recommend downloading an editable template that will allow you to customize your Name Tag design in any way that you see fit.

For a full list of Name Tag templates please feel free to check out our library below.

How to Make a Name Tag?

Once you have found the perfect Name Tag template, you can now edit it and add the features that you would like to see on the tag to make it original and memorable or simply professional, depending on the purpose of the Name Tag. We have created a list of useful tips and hints that can transform your Name Tag into something unique:

  • Decide on which way you would like the badge to face: horizontally or vertically? This depends on the length of your name (if it is quite lengthy, you may want to use a horizontal tag) or the formality (if you are at a professional event, vertical tags will look sleeker);
  • If there is a particular theme for the event you are attending, you should incorporate this theme and reflect it on your Name Tag by using appropriate colors, images, and fonts;
  • Ensure the font and size you use on the Name Tag can easily be read by other members of the event. Not many people will feel comfortable getting up close to you in order to read your name. The same applies for colors – avoid using colors like yellow if you have a white background. It will make it extremely difficult to read your name.

How to Wear a Name Badge?

Now that you have finally created your Name Tag, you should carefully consider how you want to wear and display it on yourself. If you are attending a temporary or one-off event, you may want to consider printing the Name Badge on adhesive paper or stickers. When needed, you can simply peel it off and stick it onto your clothing.

If you are looking for a more permanent Name Tag that you can reuse time and time again, you should consider the material that you would like to print your Name Tag on. We would recommend printing the Name Tag on high-quality paper and putting it into a case holder. Not only will this keep it protected, but it will also be easier to attach to your clothes. 

However, if you do not have the time or opportunity to create stickers or purchase case holders, you can go down the traditional route and simply attach it to a pin. Whichever way you decide to wear your Name Tag, ensure that you always attach it to the right side on the upper part of your body. This will ensure that the Name Tag is at eye level with other guests.

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