Free Tag Templates

What Is a Tag?

A Tag is a small piece of paper, plastic, or cardboard customized to display information about the item it is attached to. You can create a personalized tag to arrange your possessions better, to send a congratulatory message during the festive period, or to streamline business operations by identifying and pricing the goods for sale.

Tag Template Types

Below you can find a variety of Tag templates for any occasion - you can use your imagination to create a handmade gift, decorate your home and office, organize your valuable items, or make your day-to-day business activities more efficient by customizing the labels from our library of templates.

  • Bag Tag Template. If you are traveling or leaving your bag in public places and cloakrooms, you may have to come up with an easy way to identify your possessions - print out a template and attach it to your bag.
  • Christmas Tag Template. Create a unique label to attach to a Christmas gift - you can replace a traditional greeting card with this small tag;
  • A Clothing Tag Template is attached to a garment to describe the clothing item in question: its price, size, the content of the fiber, care and washing instructions. Moreover, these tags contain information about the manufacturer helping to promote the brand;
  • Desk Name Tag Template. If you want to organize your working space or to reward the most loyal employees, select a template to create a desk name plate that bears the name of the employee;
  • Dog Tag Template. Use this Tag template if you want to make your own military tag whose main purpose is to identify service members killed or wounded in action;
  • Door Tag Template. Generally used in hotels and hostels, this label will be put on the door by the guest letting the personnel know whether to avoid disturbing them or offer cleaning services;
  • Gift Tag Template. Send a personalized message to the person you want to congratulate with their birthday or national holiday attaching this label to the main present;
  • A Luggage Tag Template is attached by the luggage owner or the airline representative to the bag at the drop-off counter to monitor the baggage and to identify its owner in case the item is lost or misplaced;
  • Name Tag Template. When you attend a public event, you should display your name on your shirt to let people recognize you easily and know how to address you;
  • A Price Tag Template informs the potential buyer about the value of the item. Often used in retail stores, this kind of paper or plastic label is indispensable for sales industry companies;
  • Thank You Tag Template. When you want to express your gratitude with a gift, attach this small label with a brief message for the recipient acknowledging their support;
  • Wine Bottle Tag Template. Sort the wines you have in your collection or send a heartfelt message to the individual for whom you have selected a wine bottle using the most suitable template;

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