Free Thank You Tag Templates

What Is a Thank You Tag?

A Thank You Tag is a small label attached to a gift or a box that contains the gift created to acknowledge the positive impact of the recipient's words or actions on the individual or entity that has prepared the gift.

Alternate Name:

  • Thank You Gift Tag.

Whether you want to show you are grateful for the continued support of your relative or close friend, do something special for your teacher or doctor, or maintain a warm relationship with a company that you work with or plan to sign a contract in the nearest future, it is important to demonstrate your understanding of their positive influence on your life, the life of your family, or operations of your business.

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How to Make a Thank You Gift Tag?

Here are some tips that will allow you to create a perfect Thank You Tag gift:

  1. Determine the appropriate Thank You Tag size - it will depend on the size of the gift you are attaching it to. Obviously, a small gift box should not be overshadowed by a tag twice as big - the standard size varies between a credit card or traditional greeting card.
  2. Decide on the material you will use for the tag - while there may be no reason to spend a lot of money and time customizing a plastic label, a paper or cardboard tag you can make at home is the ideal solution.
  3. The look of the Thank You Tag is up to you - a present you are giving to a friend can be colorful and whimsical, add as many patterns and ornaments you like. However, a gift you send to a professional that treated you, taught you, or worked with your organization should have a more formal look - use subdued colors and simple decoration.
  4. Greet the person or organization you are sending the gift to and say "Thank you." If the recipient of the gift is not your close friend or you are thanking a business partner or another organization for their support, include your own name as well.
  5. In case it is necessary, you can go into more detail on the back of the tag while the front is used to greet the recipient and tell them you are grateful . You can add one or two sentences explaining how much the help they have provided, the favor, the treatment, or the financial support meant to you. If the gift requires instructions or you want to tell the recipient more about the present they are about to enjoy, you should leave some space for these details as well.

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This type of document is a template for a thank you tag in multiple colors. It can be used to create personalized thank you tags for various occasions.

This type of document is a thank you tag template featuring roses. It can be used to add a decorative touch to thank you gifts or favors.

This document is a template for a thank you tag in white color. It can be used to express gratitude on any occasion.

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