Free Thank You Card Templates

What Is a Thank You Card?

A Thank You Card is a personal note composed to acknowledge the recipient's help or support and show the gratitude of the sender who was positively impacted by the choices and actions of the addressee.

Alternate Name:

  • Thank You Greeting Card.

If someone has done you a favor, you have received a present, or the other person or organization has helped you throughout the last month or year, it is necessary to demonstrate how thankful you are - it will strengthen your bond with the addressee and motivate them to support you and other people in the future.

You can find a full list of Thank You Card templates by checking out our library below.

What to Write in a Thank You Card?

Follow these steps when writing a Thank You Card:

  1. Greet the recipient and introduce yourself - your own name may be necessary if you are writing to a medical professional or lawyer since they have dozens of patients and clients, and it is not a big deal if you refresh their memory.
  2. Specify the reason for sending the card - you want to tell the other individual or business about their positive influence on your life be it a personal issue or a professional matter. Refer to the problem you had, explain how the words or actions of the recipient have helped you, and describe the lasting effect of their support on you and your loved ones.
  3. The message should not be too long especially if you have already thanked the addressee in person or you believe it is a simple formality - one or two paragraphs that express your genuine feelings are enough.
  4. If you are thanking multiple people for their gifts or contributions, refer to them all or mention some of the favors or actions you are grateful for - let the people that will read the card feel proud and appreciated for their personal efforts.
  5. In case you believe you will be able to return the favor to the recipient or you want to be useful whenever they have any trouble, ask them to contact you without hesitation and add your contact details.

How to Sign a Thank You Card?

The ending of the Thank You Card message is crucial - the last thing you say is often the most memorable one so try to finish your note on a note of hope and optimism.

There are traditional closing options like "Best regards," "Gratefully yours," or "In appreciation" - these will do perfectly if you want to show gratitude to a close friend or a business partner you do not know well. Still, a note you draft for a relative or friend is going to be different from a more formal message, so you may just write "Hope to talk to you soon, love you!" and add your name avoiding conventional closings.

How to Make a Thank You Card?

Here are some Thank You Card ideas you may implement when you want to avoid a store-bought card and seek to impress the recipient with a homemade and therefore more personal gift:

  1. While there is no uniform Thank You Card size, you should still stick to the traditional format of a greeting card - 3x5 or 4x6 inches. It will be easy to mail the card in an envelope, and the recipient will display it if they feel like it without changing the interior of their room or office drastically. If you are sending a digital Thank You Card, opt for JPG or PNG file formats - it should be easily opened via e-mail or messengers, do not make the recipient download new software or application to read your message.
  2. The embellishment of the card depends on your preferences and imagination; however, in most cases, it is better to choose a minimalistic style, pastel tones, subdued shades, and only a few decorations. For example, the background of the card can be beige or pale pink, the cover of the card can contain the words "Thank You" surrounded by the pictures of flowers, and the inside of the card may remain blank and empty apart from the main body of the message and your signature.
  3. If you are helping your child to create a Thank You Greeting Card for their friends or for your family member, there is no need to hold back on the decoration - make the card as bright and colorful as you like. Ask your son or daughter to draw ornaments, patterns, flowers, or animals they like to make the card a unique and memorable gift - it will be a joy for the recipient and will also contribute to your kid's mental growth and development.

How to Address a Thank You Card?

Make sure you are respectful and appropriate when you draft a Thank You Card - it also applies to the way you address the card since it sets the tone of the entire message. If the card is meant to be read by a friend, relative, or acquaintance, you may adopt a more informal language for the note.

A simple salutation such as "Dear Kate" is the safest option in any case. The proper greeting for a Business Thank You Card is always formal - if you know the title of the person, include it in the message; otherwise, "Dear [recipient's name]" will do. Depending on the context of the situation, you may refer to the company as a whole, a department, a director, or one of the employees. If the card is used to express gratitude to a clergy member or doctor, use a professional title - for example, "Dr. Anna Hoffmann" or "The Reverend Mr. Steven Parker."

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