Free Greeting Card Templates

What Is a Greeting Card? 

A Greeting Card is a decorative card that bears a greeting or message of support. If you want to raise the mood of a friend who is recovering from illness, console a loved one after they lost someone close to them, or encourage a young person who starts a new journey after leaving school, consider sending them a personalized note that will put a smile on their face or help them to deal with struggles and obstacles they face at the moment.

Greeting Card Template Types 

No matter the occasion - an anniversary, retirement party, or funeral - you can express your feelings about the event in question and tell the recipient how you feel about them. Use one of the templates from our library below and send or give a Greeting Card to a person you care about. 

  • Retirement Card Template. To celebrate the career of an employee who spends their last days at the workplace, you and your colleagues or subordinates should prepare and sign a card that wishes this person a happy and calm retirement;
  • Get Well Soon Card Template. If your friend or colleague was taken ill, you can wish them to feel better and heal in the nearest future using this Greeting Card template;
  • Sympathy Card Template. Express condolences for the loss of a loved one whether you are able to go to the funeral or not - a message of support will help the recipient to handle one of the darkest days of their life;
  • Anniversary Card Template. To celebrate your own anniversary or anniversary of your parents or friends, you should write a few words of support and admiration for the relationship of two people who made it through one more year or decade together;
  • Graduation Card Template. Congratulate your child or your classmates upon the successful completion of their school or college studies using this document;
  • Memorial Card Template. A very special kind of Greeting Card, this remembrance card will be useful to distribute at a funeral and let every attendee have a small memento about the deceased person. 

How to Make a Greeting Card? 

Here are some Greeting Card ideas you may use when creating your own card from scratch:

  1. Print out a Greeting Card mockup as a card base. Usually, a small piece of paper, folded in two, it contains a personal message inside. There are no rules when it comes to the Greeting Card size - even a very small card will be cherished if it is gifted with sincere emotion. The same applies to the Greeting Card paper - you can use any paper you like for your congratulations and kind words.
  2. Since a DIY gift is the best one, you may draw on the card or help your children to refine their drawing when you make a card for the other parent or their friend. The card maker should have fun working on a unique Greeting Card using patterned paper, embellishments, buttons, small embroideries, stickers, and colored pens and pencils, and the recipient will appreciate the gift. 
  3. Consider matching a card and the main gift - they may have the same color or theme. One of the best gifts is a poem or song lyrics you write to congratulate the recipient - in this case, you should write down the lines from the poem or song in the card to make it more meaningful for the person you are giving it to, they will keep it as a souvenir and might even frame it.

What to Write in a Greeting Card?

Follow these steps to complete a Greeting Card you buy in a store or make yourself:

  1. Write the main message on the front of the card - one sentence is enough, for instance, "Happy Retirement!" or "Sorry for your loss". 
  2. Include a short personal message for the recipient inside a card. You can elaborate on the main wish greeting the individual by their name and telling them you hope the celebration will be joyful or informing them they can count on your support in the future.
  3. In case you have not spoken to the addressee in a long time or you live far away from them, a Greeting Card can be a great way to restore your connection with them - use it to send the other person a letter. While you should focus on the occasion the card is for, you can ask them about their life and share your news and plans. 
  4. Do not forget to write a phone number or e-mail address to the card to let the recipient contact you in case you want to talk to them soon and definitely sign your own name.

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