Free Graduation Card Templates

A Graduation Card is a decorative card prepared to send a congratulatory message for the individual that is about to leave school or college after completing their education.

Alternate Name:

  • Congratulations Card for Graduation.

You can give this card to a student you know well - it can be your child, sibling, or friend, or send it to them via Graduation Card box situated at the school they are leaving: in the latter case, your message may be read in public to let the student know their accomplishments were not unnoticed. This is a perfect opportunity to mark the achievements of the young person and acknowledge their efforts - no matter how many difficulties they have faced along the way, they managed to graduate and deserve to be celebrated by people who love them - a Graduation Card accompanied by a thoughtful gift is a great gesture they will definitely like.

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What to Write in a Graduation Card?

The front of the Congratulations Card for Graduation typically contains the words "Happy Graduation!" or "Congratulations on your graduation!" - something simple, even if the card is richly decorated. The main wishes are usually included in the blank space inside the card. Here are some examples of Graduation Card messages you can slightly modify if you need: "I am glad to share the joy of your graduation day", "I am proud of your achievements", "You did a great job! This is just the beginning of your successful life", "Wishing you the best today and in the many years to come". Your goal is to tell the person that worked hard it was all worth it and on graduation day they can be delighted with their diligence.

You may also add a quote about the importance of education or the beauty of beginning a new chapter in life - whether it was said by a famous writer or someone a student knows and loves personally, this small detail will show how much the card recipient means to you. A poem you have prepared for the card recipient will also be of great value - demonstrate your pride and happiness if you have the talent of a poet dedicating a work of art to the student.

How to Make a Graduation Card?

While a store-bought card is a good way to congratulate a person who enters a new stage in their life, a DIY Graduation Card you create using your imagination will be a more personal and meaningful gift they will cherish even more especially if you are into scrapbooking and love working with your hands. Here are some ideas for you if you choose to prepare a homemade card for graduation:

  1. While the card is usually a folded piece of paper, you can make it more interesting by adding appropriate embellishments and decorations - print out and glue small bows, ribbons, and colorful borders to make even a blank card beautiful. To celebrate the achievement of a student, you can also add a picture they took on the first day of school, college, or university to remind them how far they have come already and how important the day of graduation is.
  2. One of the most popular Graduation Card designs - a card in the shape of a graduation cap. You can find a tutorial online or download a ready-made template to print out and customize the way you want adding the name of the student and the logo of their school to the inside of the present.
  3. Think about the future of the person that graduated - they may have chosen another academic institution to get a new diploma or degree or they have opted to start their career. The Graduation Card template can reflect their choice - add drawings and symbols of their future to encourage them before the new journey starts.

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This document is a graduation card template in a blue color scheme. Use this template to create a personalized card to celebrate someone's graduation.

This template is for creating a graduation card for a student. Make your graduate feel special with a personalized card using this template.

This template can be used to create a graduation card in a grey color scheme.

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