Free Retirement Card Templates

A Retirement Card is sent to an individual that is about to retire from their current job. It is an easy way to congratulate your colleague or relative on their colorful career, celebrating everything that they have achieved throughout. Retirement Card messages also usually look towards the future, providing positive wishes for all of the things that are yet to come.

Alternate Names:

  • Happy Retirement Card;
  • Retirement Business Card.

Retirement is a huge celebration. It is an achievement that will change your life forever. After retirement, you no longer need to set alarm clocks for early get ups to go to work. You no longer need to ensure you arrive to work on time and meet deadlines. Now, you are able to take a slightly more laid back approach to life and concentrate on you. Perhaps you want to go travelling, focus on your hobbies or even simply spend more quality time with your loved ones. Whatever you decide to do and no matter what age you retire at, it does not change the fact that it is a massive celebration that should be celebrated accordingly!

For a full list of Retirement Card templates please feel free to check out our library below.

What to Write in a Retirement Card?

Knowing what to write in a Retirement Card is not easy. On one hand, you want to congratulate the person with all of your heart and let them know that you’re extremely happy for them. At the same time, you do not want to make it sound like you are happy that this person is retiring. You need to also show affection and tell the person just how much they would be missed in the workplace. If you’re unsure about which tone would be appropriate to use, consider our useful pointers below:

  • Try adding humor. Particularly if the retiring individual is known to have a good sense of humor, this may be a nice, light touch;
  • If you’re not particularly close to the individual or you’re not too great with words, keep it short and simple, wishing them the best;
  • If you’re planning on writing a card for a relative or a colleague that you were particularly close to, you may want to go the extra mile and produce a heartfelt Retirement Card. It may also be a good idea to add a small gift;
  • Maybe you have worked with this particular person for a long time and saying goodbye to them will be tough and emotional. You should channel this emotion into your card, let them know just how much it has been a pleasure working with them and maybe even bring up a memorable story;
  • If you are really stuck for words and feel like you cannot get across anything the way you want to, you may want to consider using a quote to sum up your wishes and ideas about retirement.

How to Make a Retirement Card?

If you’re running low on Retirement Card ideas then look no further. Take into account our useful tips and hints below to ensure that you produce the best Retirement Card that’ll forever remain in the memory of the person:

  • Consider using a funny picture of the person retiring. You want your Retirement Card to be memorable, so personalizing it with their photo would be a great touch;
  • Feature elements regarding the future. Retirement means more free time, which ultimately opens up opportunities for travelling. Consider include images of beaches and deck chairs;
  • Retirement usually comes with age. You can use this theme to crack a joke at the expense of the retiring person.

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This template allows you to create a personalized retirement card for a couple. Celebrate their milestone and wish them a happy retirement with this customizable card.

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