Free Card Templates

What Is a Card?

A Card is a piece of paper that may contain information about a party, congratulatory words for a special occasion, the plans of the sender, or the advertisement of an organization. Complete a Card template to send the message to someone you know well to notify them whether you are coming to the event they have planned or give your best wishes before a holiday, birthday, or wedding. Cards are also popular among client-oriented businesses - inform the customer about the next meeting, register them with your organization, or offer a discount to a long-term client.

Card Template Types

Use the templates below to reach out to a loved one to congratulate them, arrange a celebration or memorial service, or promote your business - every Card can be customized to suit your needs in a particular situation.

  • Holiday Card Template. To get into the festive spirit, you and your family should make cards for your friends and acquaintances sending them before the holiday in question comes;
  • Place Card Template. If you are arranging a party or formal dinner, you can indicate where every guest is going to sit using this Card template;
  • Postcard Template. Draft a small card you can send without an envelope during your travels or on behalf of your business with the purpose to advertise products and services;
  • Basketball Card Template. To make your own collectible item with the likeness of an active or retired basketball player, design a card for your collection or exchange with friends;
  • A Birthday Card Template is indispensable when you are congratulating a person you care about on their birthday - with or without an additional gift;
  • A Punch Card Template is a piece of paper with slots that can be punched showing the progress in studies or purchases depending on the purpose of the document;
  • Thank You Card Template. Demonstrate your gratitude to the recipient by composing a personal message that shows the positive impact of their help on your life;
  • A Gift Card Template is a legally binding certificate that allows its holder to exchange it for the goods and services equalling the value indicated in the card;
  • A Greeting Card Template is needed when you want to celebrate a certain occasion or offer support to the person in trouble whether they are ill or lost someone close to them;
  • Wedding Card Template. Whether you are able to join the wedding celebrations or not, prepare a message to congratulate the newlyweds and wish them a good life together;
  • An RSVP Card Template is filled out to inform the party organizers the guest will attend the event;
  • Prayer Card Template. Often used for funeral ceremonies, this template will help you pay tribute to the person that passed away and ask the attendees to join you in prayer;
  • A Membership Card Template is required to prove an individual's membership with a particular organization allowing them to enjoy the privileges reserved for a limited circle of people;
  • Appointment Card Template. To agree on the date and time of the next meeting or consultation, give this Card to a client or patient;
  • A Time Card Template records the start and end times of the workday - keep multiple Card templates of this kind in the workplace to track the work hours of the employees;
  • An Obituary Card Template is prepared for the funeral ceremony to commemorate the deceased person and let the attendees celebrate their life.

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