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Congratulations - you got engaged! Now it is time to plan the wedding of your dreams - and it is virtually impossible to do that without signing agreements, making schedules, and organizing every little detail of the upcoming ceremony. You will need to create invitations, plan the seating arrangement, discuss the work of the bridal designer, florist, and musicians - all of this requires filling out forms and templates for effective planning, especially if you need to remain within the budget.

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Wedding Template Types

How to Plan a Wedding?

While every wedding is different, just like the dreams and choices of the bride and groom, usually the wedding planning includes the following steps:

  1. Establish a budget for the ceremony. Before you invite any guests or talk to vendors, it is necessary to determine how much money you can spend.
  2. Prepare a guest list and select a wedding party. While the invitations are sent a bit later when you have booked a venue and decided on the date, it is recommended to know how many people will be present at the event and who will play a major role during the ceremony.
  3. Select a date - or a weekend - and choose the location for the reception. Find out when you and the guests you are looking forward to see the most are free and visit several venues to discover a perfect one.
  4. Book wedding vendors. Their number depends on the scale of your party but a photographer, make-up artist, and a catering company are usually the main ones you should focus on.
  5. Send out the invitations. Once you get confirmation from the potential guests, you will be able to create a seating chart for the reception.

How Long Does It Take to Plan a Wedding?

The time it takes to plan a successful wedding depends on a variety of factors - the wishes and expectations of the couple being the most important. It is possible to spend a year researching vendors, looking for the right venue, designing a wedding dress, waiting for every guest to be available for the destination wedding - just like it is possible to book a restaurant, buy formal attire, and invite several close friends to celebrate your wedding with you in one or two weeks. However, on average a well-organized wedding takes two or three months to plan - you need to send the invitations in advance to make sure people you want to see on your special day are free, ensure a nice venue is booked and decorated, order clothes and catering, negotiate with the baker, photographer, and make-up artist.

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This type of template can be used to plan and budget your wedding appropriately to ensure that all your wishes and desires are met.

This type of template refers to an informal list of tasks a wedding planner is supposed to carry out on the day of the wedding.

This type of template is an informal document that helps an engaged couple know what must be done, prepared, and collected before the day of the celebration or during their wedding party.

This type of template is used in order to offer your guests a guide as to what gifts they can bring to the wedding.

This template is for creating RSVP cards with a pink design for events and parties.

This type of document is a RSVP card template that features a blue color scheme. It can be used for a variety of events to easily gather response information from guests.

This wedding card template is designed for couples to use for their wedding invitations. It provides a beautiful design and customizable options for personalization.

This template offers detailed guidance on creating a charming, personalized wedding card themed around the concept of a 'Wonderful Life'. Ideal for individuals seeking to express their best wishes in a unique way.

This template is used for creating wedding cards featuring a prominent ring design. It is a customizable option for couples to create unique and personalized wedding invitations.

This document provides a template for wedding advice cards in a stylish grey color. Guests can fill out the cards with their well wishes and advice for the couple. Perfect for capturing memorable advice at weddings.


This document provides a wedding advice card template in a violet color scheme. Guests can share their advice and well wishes for the couple.

This document is a template that helps you create a list of guests for a wedding. It can be used to keep track of names, contact information, and RSVPs for guests invited to the wedding.

This Form is used for creating a wedding shot list template with a red color theme. It helps in organizing and planning the photography sessions during a wedding.

This document is a Wedding Vendor Contact List Template which can be used to keep track of all the wedding vendors involved in planning a wedding. It includes spaces to list the vendor's name, contact information, and any notes or comments.

This document is used for conducting a prenuptial investigation for Catholic Churches in New Jersey.

This document is a wedding playlist template that can help you organize and plan the music for your wedding ceremony and reception. It includes sections for different parts of the wedding, such as the processional, first dance, and cake cutting songs. Use this template to create a memorable and personalized musical atmosphere for your special day.

This document is for organizing and planning the decorations for a wedding. It helps to keep track of the different aspects and details of the decorations, such as the color scheme, floral arrangements, and other decorative elements.

This document is a template for a Flower Girl Certificate. It can be used to recognize and celebrate the participation of a flower girl in a wedding or other special event.

This document is a template for a marriage vow renewal certificate. It is designed in a white theme and can be used to commemorate the renewing of marriage vows.

This document is a planner template to help you organize and plan your engagement photo shoot. It includes sections for scheduling, locations, outfits, and more.


This document details the major pieces of information related to the work of a professional photographer during a wedding event.

This document is a wedding/event DJ itinerary worksheet provided by Magical Sound Entertainment. It helps in planning the schedule and details for the DJ services at a wedding or event.

This document is a wedding shot list template specifically designed for black weddings. It can help photographers and couples plan their wedding photography by providing a comprehensive list of shots to capture.

A Wedding Day Timeline is a schedule that describes the sequence of events planned for an individuals' wedding day.

Are you getting married but feel overwhelmed with the planning process? Contract the services of a wedding planner using this document to save yourself time and guarantee that special day is everything you want it to be.

A Wedding Invitation Letter is sent to invited wedding guests months in advance to understand if the invited individual would like to attend a wedding.

This letter acts as a written statement prepared by an individual who would like to host a guest during the celebration of their wedding and requests the appropriate embassy to issue a visa to the visitor to make their attendance possible.

This is a legally-binding contract between a couple planning to marry and a wedding venue.

Individuals can use this sample letter as a reference to thank guests and wedding party members for celebrating their big day.

This type of template can help ensure that your wedding day goes off without a hitch and helps eradicate any potential wedding day schedule issues that may arise.

This type of template will allow an individual to plan the seating at a wedding and will also ensure that they are surrounded by the people they care most about on their wedding day.

The purpose of this type of template is for guests to respond regarding their attendance to a wedding.

This type of template can be used for wedding guests to have a little bit of fun, usually before the main reception where they can write down some advice for the bride and groom.


This document is a blank template for a wedding decor checklist. It can help couples plan and organize all the necessary decorations for their wedding ceremony and reception.

This template can be used to create elegant white place cards for weddings or other special events.

This template is used for creating place cards for weddings. The template has a blue color scheme.

This document is a template for a wedding thank you card in white. It is used to express gratitude to guests who attended the wedding.

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