Wedding Photography Contract Template

Wedding Photography Contract Template

What Is a Wedding Photography Contract?

A Wedding Photography Contract is a document signed by the photographer and the client who hired this professional to take photos during the upcoming wedding. It details all the main points related to the work of a professional photographer during the wedding event.

Alternate Names:

  • Wedding Photography Agreement;
  • Contract for Wedding Photography Services.

The client, a bride or a groom, sometimes both future spouses, or a member of the bridal party is the one who hires a photographer for the ceremony. Photography Wedding Contracts fall into the category of Service Contracts - agreements between a client and an individual or company that will provide certain services.

You can make your own personalized contract using our form builder online or download a non-fillable Wedding Photography Contract template through the link below.


What to Include in a Wedding Photography Contract?

There are many reasons to sign this document. It protects the photographer's services and the people this service provider cooperates with. A properly drafted Wedding Photography Contract decreases the risk of a potential lawsuit, protects your reputation, makes sure the photographer gets the credit for the images, and prevents miscommunication. It also benefits the couple since the contract serves as a guideline for the photographer to refer to. The parties may discuss exactly what kind of images they would like to make and add any specific directions in the document.

Your Wedding Photography Contract should contain the following information:

  1. Identification of the parties . Write down the names and addresses of the bride and groom and the photographer.
  2. Wedding details . State the date, time, and location of the event. It is wise to mention both the starting and ending times of the ceremony.
  3. Contact information . You should submit several telephone numbers of the parties or some other ways to get in touch, as a precaution.
  4. Payment details . Indicate the total fee for photography services and the non-refundable deposit.
  5. Additional terms and conditions . Mention meals, breaks, and assistants for the photographer. The bride and the groom may give the photographer precedence in taking photographs of wedding guests with their own devices. Also, the couple may put in writing their agreement with the photographer to give the latter sufficient warning of the key events at the ceremony and to provide the photographer with much-needed time to prepare, for instance, speeches, bouquet toss, cake cutting.
  6. A cancelation clause . Generally, if one party cancels the agreement, another party becomes entitled to a non-refundable deposit.
  7. Copyright information . The photographer usually maintains the copyright of all photographs granting the clients permission to make copies for their personal use.

A Wedding Photography Agreement is a legal document and a manual that helps to make sure the couple and the photographer are always on the same page. This document will confirm the photographer will be at the venue on time, establishes the up-front costs and expenses, and lets the couple choose what they want the photographer to capture. Manage your expectations and ask the right questions during the process of negotiation to be confident about your rights .

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