Relationship Contract Template

Relationship Contract Template

What Is a Relationship Contract?

A Relationship Contract is an informal, written agreement that two partners which are in a committed union will sign. However, in actuality, a good Relationship Contract will serve as a starting point for a really sincere discussion.

Alternate Name:

  • Relationship Agreement Contract.

Such agreements are not legally enforceable. Instead, it serves as a means for partners to communicate their requirements and develop the specifics of their own individual relations, which can include anything at all from sexual experiences and intimate activities to house chores and general well-being.

Two partners should agree on the issues that need to be resolved as well as how frequently they will review their agreement. They must consider all big and minor issues, such as the way in which they identify affection or their individual and career objectives, in addition to how they anticipate their daily life to unfold.

These contracts are particularly useful for people in open relationships. An Open Relationship Contract will detail the specific guidelines that these couples have and the boundaries that they must respect. Just because a couple is in an open relationship, does not mean that nothing is off limits. Although the boundaries and guidelines will differ from couple to couple, it is still worth discussing this with your partner to make sure you avoid misunderstandings and inflicting pain on your partner.

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How to Write a Relationship Contract?

Two partners may include any number of points in their contract, which can be unlimited. The following is a list of several of the most typical things that couples tend to include in their contracts which can be very useful if you plan on writing your own relationship contract:

  • Information on couple dates (when they will take place, their frequency, the types of dates that would be fun, the individual in charge of planning them, whether these dates involve going out or perhaps staying at home);
  • The way in which each spouse will assume personal accountability (this concerns their health and general well-being, things that make them happy, how they plan to develop professionally at work, how they will grow from an emotional point of view as well as personally);
  • Information about how individuals will manage intimacy as well as independence in their relationships (the time that they need to spend alone in order to feel happy, the frequency of meeting up with friends, whether they plan on traveling alone, and if so, how frequent such trips will be);
  • Dealing with conflicts as they arise, not turning around and going to sleep when furious as well as being open and truthful about one another's emotional reactions;
  • Not putting the union in danger (for example, never suggesting during an argument that "it is worth breaking up or taking a break");
  • Adopting a policy of radical openness and refraining unduly from avoiding touchy subjects;
  • Making plans to divide domestic duties and other obligations that are related to the partnership and which are of importance;
  • Establishing guidelines for the way in which the couple will observe birthdays, their anniversary, and other significant events;
  • Making a pact never to hide something like a secret from one another. It may also be worth defining what a secret is as some individuals may have a different view on the meaning. Generally, it is believed to be anything an individual knows, does, thinks, or says but does not want their partner to discover.

As long as couples discuss what is important to them and they are open and honest, the contract will work perfectly.

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