Wedding Venue Contract Template

Wedding Venue Contract Template

What Is a Wedding Venue Contract?

A Wedding Venue Contract is a legally binding agreement between a couple planning to marry and a wedding venue that outlines the wedding services to be provided before or after the event in question. You can download a printable Wedding Venue Contract template via the link below.

Alternate Name:

  • Wedding Agreement.

When you build your venue team and hire professionals who will help you organize the wedding of your dreams, you need to sign several contracts with independent contractors and businesses that will ensure the wedding event goes smoothly - enter into an agreement with a wedding planner who will coordinate the event, find an experienced photographer, book a venue, choose a makeup artist and a hairdresser, think about the floral arrangements for the wedding, and hire a caterer to prepare and serve food and beverages.


How to Write a Wedding Venue Contract?

Follow these steps to prepare a simple Wedding Venue Contract:

  1. Identify the parties to the contract - include the names of the venue and two people about to marry and add their contact details. Inform the other party about the easiest way to reach you and tell them how quickly they can expect a reply during the planning process.
  2. Indicate the date, time, and location of the event if you know it at the moment of signing.
  3. List the services the venue has to provide and record a timeline appropriate for both parties. For example, a Wedding Venue Contract negotiation with a caterer must describe the type of service you expect to receive (whether it is a large reception for hundreds of people or a simple cocktail party), the menu, and acceptable substitutions if any of the ingredients are unavailable on the day of the wedding, and a schedule the catering company has to follow. Additionally, the client may agree to cover travel and accommodation costs for the vendor especially if it is a destination wedding or the event lasts for more than a day.
  4. Outline the compensation for the venue. You may also negotiate a deposit that will be returned to the couple when the event is over or agree upon a retainer - a sum of money that will not be returned that serves as a fee to reserve the services on the date of the wedding.
  5. Consider including a clause that allows the venue to hire a third party that will replace them and assume their obligations under the original contract in case of force majeure or a simple need to reschedule. Make sure the customer agrees to this option that will safeguard their money and protect the reputation of the other party if they have to miss the wedding - for instance, a sick photographer may ask their colleague to replace them.
  6. Agree upon the cancellation clause and the rights of both parties to amend the contract by mutual consent or unilaterally.
  7. Sign the document. It is recommended to invite both future spouses to negotiate and sign the contract - otherwise, only one of them will be allowed to modify the agreement which will make the wedding planning harder.

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