Printable Wedding Checklist Templates

What Is a Wedding Checklist?

A Wedding Checklist is a written list of tasks that must be carried out before the wedding day and during the ceremony and items to order and purchase to ensure the celebration is set up the way the soon-to-be spouses want. This document may be prepared by a bride or groom that chooses to be in charge of the celebration, their friend trusted to organize the party, or a professional planner hired to monitor the preparation and supervise the events of the wedding event.

Alternate Name:

  • Wedding Planning Checklist.

For a full list of Wedding Checklist templates please check out our library below.

Wedding Checklist Template Types

  • A Wedding Registry Checklist is going to be indispensable for the newlyweds that want to ask their guests to buy gifts that will be useful for the married couple - whether the bride and groom are young or they are moving to a new place, they should make their present preferences known with the help of a checklist often shared online;
  • A Wedding Day Checklist will help the bride, groom, and the person they appointed as their wedding planner not to forget anything during the day of the ceremony - you will be able to monitor the appropriate timeline of the event and see whether all essential items are available;
  • Wedding Decor Checklist. Flowers, place cards, lighting, ring pillow, drapes and tents, linens and napkins - everything that will make your wedding ceremony special and memorable for you and your guests should be recorded in a document that may also contain the names of vendors and the value of the items you purchase for the event;
  • Wedding Coordinator Checklist. This document should be prepared and updated by the individual hired to oversee all the matters related to the wedding celebration - you can create a simple Wedding Checklist and complete it taking into account the wishes of every engaged couple that needs your services;
  • Wedding Budget Checklist. Usually, the first Checklist for a Wedding to be drafted especially if your finances are limited, this template will allow you to allocate the funds correctly and figure out whether you need to borrow money to ensure your event goes smoothly.

What Do You Need for a Wedding Checklist?

Here are some tips you may use when drafting a simple Wedding Checklist for the upcoming ceremony:

  1. Be careful with the timing - obviously, you will need to determine the budget weeks and months before the event while a last-minute Wedding Checklist can be composed a week or even a day before the party to remind you about every minute detail you need to take care of.
  2. It is recommended to have several checklists available - do not put everything related to the wedding in one document. Besides, a digital version is preferable - it is easier to edit it and share with the people making decisions about the celebration. A printed-out checklist will be convenient only for your personal use.
  3. Consider separating different wedding tasks following the timeline you have established. It will allow you to avoid delays, and you will not have to arrange everything at short notice. For instance, you need to select and book a venue months before the party while it is possible to postpone ordering a custom guestbook or gift cards for the guests.
  4. Make space for remarks, important telephone numbers, and even links to vendor websites and pictures you may refer to in order to develop your own unique vision of the ceremony in your checklist - do not pile all the details in one table, the checklist should be a visual tool you can review quickly.

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This is a bridal registry checklist template that helps to get organized for a wedding by planning, ordering and sharing a basic list of necessary (or not so necessary) items for your wedding from kitchen items to bedding.

This is a complete wedding planning checklist that allows you to start planning your wedding a year in advance and gives month-by-month instructions on what needs to be done in preparation for the big day.

This wedding planning checklist template (by The Vineyards) is yet another version of a 12-month long checklist in a simple format. The checklist gets more scrupulous as the big days approaches.


This wedding checklist from Kohl's is a one-page wedding registry list of “Everything you need to create your love nest”. The topics are kitchen, dining, bed and bath, home and luggage.

This template - the wedding venue checklist - is only one page long and contains basic do-not-forget questions apropos the big day itself, from the restaurant reservations to the number of silverware.

This simple one-page wedding flower checklist from Metropolitan Exchange will assist you with the flower arrangements for your wedding, from the bridal party and corsages to reception and table decorations.

This document provides a template for creating a wedding emergency kit. It includes a list of essential items to have on hand in case of unforeseen emergencies on your wedding day.

This checklist is a two-pages long table, which begins with a “wake up” checkbox and ends with “Bride and Groom Leave Reception”. The table contains boxes “Status”, “Description”, “Time” and “PIC”.

A pretty unusual wedding day "emergency kit" lists ”things every bride should have on hand on her wedding day”. The list can be printed and checked off as you assemble your kit.

This bride's wedding day template lists items not-to-forget to bring on your wedding day. It does not contain checkboxes, but it offers items you would never think of yourself!

A bridal shower checklist is usually a list of items for the invitees to bring, but this one is merely a reminder. It starts with a do-not-forget checklist three months prior to the wedding and ends with the wedding day.

The Forever Friday wedding day checklist template - is ideal for your wedding planning. Since most weddings take place on a Saturday, here is a Forever Friday checklist to help you manage the big day.

This type of template can be used to plan and budget your wedding appropriately to ensure that all your wishes and desires are met.

This type of template refers to an informal list of tasks a wedding planner is supposed to carry out on the day of the wedding.

This type of template is an informal document that helps an engaged couple know what must be done, prepared, and collected before the day of the celebration or during their wedding party.

An individual or wedding planner can use this type of template to take care of all of the fine details concerning décor at a wedding.

This type of template is used in order to offer your guests a guide as to what gifts they can bring to the wedding.

This document is a blank template for a wedding decor checklist. It can help couples plan and organize all the necessary decorations for their wedding ceremony and reception.

This document provides a template for a wedding photography checklist. It helps ensure that all important moments and shots are captured during the wedding ceremony and reception.

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