Wedding Photography Checklist Template

Wedding Photography Checklist Template

Wedding Photography Checklist: What Is It?

A Wedding Photography Checklist is a comprehensive list of pictures and shots the photographer is supposed to capture at a wedding reception.

Alternate Name:

  • Wedding Photo Checklist.

This instrument is essential when it comes to planning the responsibilities of the photographer and setting the expectations of the parties regarding the wedding ceremony and the shots the bride and groom want. It is often reworked into the agreement the parties sign to confirm the commitment of the photographer; additionally, a photographer will be able to refer to this checklist during the event to see whether all the photos requested by the couple are taken.

A Wedding Photography Checklist template can be downloaded below.

The checklist is often divided into several sections in line with the schedule prepared for the wedding day - there are pictures to take while the bride and groom are getting ready, photos of the families, moments of the ceremony (from the bride walking down the aisle to the first kiss of newlyweds), and the events of the reception such as the first dance of the couple, cutting of the cake, and the bouquet toss.

The couple may give their suggestions to the photographer when it comes to the shooting location or opt for a more candid and casual approach instead of formal shots of all the participants and guests - include all the preferences in the checklist and review it together to be sure you are on the same page.

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