Wedding Day Checklist Template - Table

Wedding Day Checklist Template - Table

Wedding Day Checklist: What Is It?

A Wedding Day Checklist is an informal document that helps the engaged couple know what must be done, prepared, and collected before the day of the celebration or during the wedding party.

Alternate Name:

  • Day of Wedding Checklist.

Whether you decide to manage all the wedding-related affairs on your own, ask a friend to monitor the planning of the ceremony, or hire a professional planner to let yourself relax on one of the most special days of your life, a list of items you cannot forget on your wedding day is indispensable - the individual preparing the checklist will not have to remember a million little things to do at the last minute.

You may download a Wedding Day Checklist template through the link below.


Wedding Day Checklist: What to Include?

Here are some tips you may use when preparing a Day of the Wedding Checklist:

  1. The best strategy is to create several checklists once you start planning the wedding - write down the things you have to do several months before the wedding, a week before, and on the day of the celebration. This will give you time to consider what is crucial for the ceremony - besides, the positive and negative aspects of this checklist may be tested during the rehearsal dinner.
  2. Draw a table to indicate the events of the wedding day and the items the couple and their planner must have on hand . This table should contain the following columns: the description of the task or item, the time it is supposed to be done or be prepared, and the box to check when the preparer of the checklist knows the task is accomplished or the item is acquired.
  3. You may draft separate checklists for the events and the items . Think about the wedding day schedule weeks before the event takes place and record the main 20-25 parts of the celebration to be sure everything is going according to plan. Another checklist may cover the things to prepare: the toiletries and makeup kits for the bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and their family members that participate in the ceremony, the attire and emergency replacements (for instance, socks, shoes, extra buttons), a first aid kit, and miscellaneous things like phone chargers, breath mints, scissors.
  4. Even if you decide to trust the wedding planner and vendors on the day of the ceremony, consider making a Last Minute Wedding Checklist at the very least . It can be brief - make sure you share it with the main participants of the event to let them know what items may be urgently needed during the day. List the things you may need in case of emergency - band-aids, medications, nail clippers, makeup remover, handkerchiefs, tissues, a power bank, and a sewing kit. This document should also contain several numbers that can be contacted if the timeline of the event cannot be observed - ask a wedding planner, bridesmaid, or the relative of the groom or bride to take care of it.

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