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Most people work with paper on a daily basis - from taking notes in their offices to inventing unique handmade projects in their spare time. Whether your goal is to create DIY objects out of supplies you have at your disposal in your house, implement a new effective teaching strategy as a teacher or involved parent, or come up with a visual instrument you can always use as a reference guide, consider using different patterns, designs, and charts that can be printed out, assembled, and customized to meet your needs.

Moreover, you can engage others in activities closely linked with paper and its numerous uses - work on a one-of-a-kind toy with your child, arrange a party with a variety of accessories you can make with your friends and colleagues, and share a design or graph with your customers to connect with them better.

You can see a full list of Paper templates by checking out our library below.

Paper Template Types

  • Activity Sheet Templates. Worksheets designed to entertain children while also teaching them something useful can be printed out and distributed in the classroom;

  • Banner Template. Make a grand announcement or congratulate someone you care about with a large personalized sheet of paper or fabric;

  • A Book Template will help you to create your own book or brochure from scratch, decorate it, and complement it with extra items;

  • Coloring Page Templates. Come up with your own line drawings that can be colored with traditional crayons or filled out with paint on a computer;

  • Envelope Template. A small container made out of regular paper will give you an opportunity to keep your things in order or send a letter to a friend safely;

  • Family Tree Template. Learn the history of your family and teach your kids the importance of understanding where you come from with this Paper template;

  • Flag Template. Broaden your knowledge of geography through flags and train your memory by naming countries represented by different symbols and colors;

  • Fortune Cookie Template. Predict the future with the help of small messages put inside real or paper cookies - a perfect way to entertain your family and friends during a party;

  • A Graph Paper Template can be customized for your private records, working notes, or designs - select a tool that will suit your writing or drawing needs;

  • Map Template. Create a visual representation of a certain country, city, or district - this instrument will let you and others navigate in an unfamiliar area;

  • A Mask Template is going to help you disguise your identity at a costume party or protect yourself and your loved ones from airborne viruses;

  • Outline Template. Before you start writing a story, essay, or verbal presentation, determine what you will include in your work by drafting a detailed plan;

  • Paper Art Template. Whether you are looking for a fun hobby or entertaining your children, go for handmade designs and stencils made out of paper to boost your imagination;

  • A Poster Template refers to a large illustration or collage often used as an announcement or a promotion strategy - create the artwork you and your target audience will enjoy;

  • Wheel of Life Template. Reflect on your priorities in life by personalizing a tool that shows what you should improve in terms of personal and professional aspirations;

  • Writing Paper Template. Choose the appropriate medium to write, draw, sketch, or practice your calligraphy skills on - the right kind of paper will turn any of these activities into a good habit.

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This type of document is large green half-square triangle paper used for quilting and other sewing projects. It is a convenient tool for creating accurate and symmetrical triangle shapes.

This type of document is a specialized paper used for creating half-square triangles with a green color.

This document is a template for blank lined notebook paper. It can be used for writing or taking notes in a traditional notebook format.

This document is a template for a Trust Account Client Ledger Page. It is used to keep track of financial transactions for clients with trust accounts.

This template can be used to play a spelling-based version of the game Battleship. It provides a fun and interactive way to improve spelling skills.

This document provides a template for the Connect the Dots game. Use this template to create your own Connect the Dots game with dots that can be connected in sequential order to reveal a hidden picture.

This Form is used for printing lined paper templates in different styles including half page with interline, full page with interline, full page with fading interline, and full page without interline.

This document is a Thanksgiving Word Search Puzzle Template. It is used for creating and printing custom word search puzzles for Thanksgiving-themed activities and games. Enjoy the holiday season by challenging yourself and others to find hidden Thanksgiving-related words in the puzzle. Have fun and test your word-finding skills!

This document is a template for cyan polar graph paper. It is used for plotting points and drawing graphs with polar coordinates.

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