Free Lined Paper Templates

What Is Lined Paper?

Lined Paper is a type of paper meant for writing with horizontal lines set at equal distances from each other.

Alternate Names:

  • Notebook Paper;
  • Lined Writing Paper;
  • Lined Notebook Paper.

Whether you prefer to write in print or cursive is easier for you, lined paper is perfect for any handwriting style you have adopted or trying to improve. People of all ages - children that make their first attempts to write and adults looking for more elegant and consistent handwriting - should use lined paper as it is a more formal tool used in schools and work settings. Besides, hand-eye coordination can also become better if you use lined paper letting you create visually appealing study notes, reports, and letters.

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How to Write on Lined Paper?

Here are some tips for you if you are going to try writing on Lined Paper:

  1. Assess the quality of the Notebook Paper you have at your disposal . If it is too thin, it is likely the words and sentences you wrote on the front side will be visible on the back side making it look messy - moreover, there is a risk you rip the paper sheet while using a pen with a sharp tip, crayon, or highlighter. Think about your goal - for instance, you may want to save paper and write on both sides which is why it would be better to opt for pencils and soft-grip pens.
  2. Whether you are customizing a Lined Paper template or making your own writing tool from scratch, we recommend you add margins to every page, both the front and the back . This way, the paper sheet you are using will look more aesthetically pleasing to the eye and you will have space for comments and remarks that are necessary when you are studying a certain subject or asking your teacher to take a look at your notes to find out what mistakes you may have made.
  3. Try to match the size of your handwriting with the space between the lines on the Notebook Paper . If you want to make your handwriting smaller, it can be gradually done as long as you are controlling the pen and following the visual cues provided by Lined Paper staying within the limits. This advice works well for kids that have issues with their handwriting at school and adults that do not have much practice with neat writing due to the growing use of electronic devices.
  4. While most people do not immediately think about Lined Notebook Paper as the most suitable canvas for sketches and drawings, when there is no other choice, art enthusiasts may use this medium to explore their creative skills . The lines on the paper sheet can help you to work on an optical illusion, they are perfect for geometric patterns and sketches based on symmetry, and fans of pixel art will only have to add vertical lines to make a grid they will fill out with squares that turn into an image.

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This document is a template for blank lined notebook paper. It can be used for writing or taking notes in a traditional notebook format.

This Form is used for printing lined paper templates in different styles including half page with interline, full page with interline, full page with fading interline, and full page without interline.

This type of paper is commonly used for handwriting practice or taking notes. It typically features three horizontal lines that help guide the height and spacing of letters.

This document is a lined writing paper template that includes a picture box, allowing you to write and draw on the same page. Ideal for students or anyone wanting to practice writing and illustration together.

This type of document is summer-themed writing paper that can be used for writing letters, journaling, or other creative writing during the summer season.

This document provides a printable template of primary lined paper intended for use by young learners in the English/Spanish speaking classroom. It can be used for both English and Spanish language exercises, promoting handwriting practice and language acquisition.

This document is a printable template featuring lined paper with an enchanting stars border. Often used for writing assignments, creative works or journal entries, it adds a dash of whimsy to written tasks.

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