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What Is a Family Tree?

A Family Tree is an illustration of someone's ancestry, frequently presented as a graphic chart. It depicts the connections among relatives, comprising of our grandparents, mums, dads, brothers, sisters, and any children.

Alternate Name:

  • Genealogy Tree.

Any individual seeking to research information about family members or track ancestral roots may find a genealogy tree to be a useful resource. It may be utilized to locate family members, learn new facts concerning relatives, and develop an awareness of kinship with a person's ancestors.

An intricate, digitally produced chart or a simple diagram drawn manually can both be used to establish family trees. According to what the user wants, they may be arranged by era, last name, or place.

A simple family tree may also be utilized for working on a common genealogy project or to exchange data with the rest of the family. With the discovery of fresh data or the birth of additional family, it will begin to grow and be maintained throughout history. Choosing a family tree template that accurately represents the members of your family and serves the function you want is a good place to start.

For a full list of Family Tree templates please feel free to check out our library below.

How to Make a Family Tree?

Creating a family tree is a fantastic technique to investigate your family's background and make an impression regarding your heritage. Build the tree using the following steps:

  • Begin by learning as many facts as you can regarding your family's past . This might involve family histories, marriage licenses, migration papers, birth and death certificates, and much more. To acquire this data, speak to relatives, look up material on the internet, and contact community libraries and archives;
  • Select the layout for the tree . You can draw by hand, using some sort of software, or simply download an online template - whatever is more convenient for you;
  • Select a beginning for the tree, which can be you, your parents, or your grandparents . Include full names above the tree;
  • Include other relatives in the diagram, moving your way outwards from the nearest ones . Provide specifics like the dates of birth and death, marriage, and other essential data;
  • Arrange the diagram according to generation, last name, or region . To identify among the many familial subdivisions, use patterns or colors;
  • To ensure that the tree is more aesthetically pleasing and engaging, include pictures and additional information . Provide stories, old photographs, and additional details that help tell your family's narrative;
  • Show relatives and close associates your finished product . You may even decide to make copies, email them via the internet, or you can even build a web page.

The exploration of any individual’s family history and development of an emotional closeness to past generations can be made worthwhile and enjoyable by simply creating this tree. An individual is able to make a significant and long-lasting memorial that can be preserved and passed down to subsequent generations by compiling data and arranging it visually.

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This document is a blank template for creating your own family tree. It provides a structured layout for you to fill in your family's names, relationships, and other important details.

This Form is used for creating and documenting a family tree. It is specific to residents of New York.

This document template is used to record and organize information about family members in a clear and organized way. It is a helpful tool for genealogy research and keeping track of family history.

This document for recording and organizing information about your ancestors.

This document is a blank template for creating a pedigree chart, which is a visual representation of a person's family tree.

This document provides a template for creating a family tree specifically designed for single parents. You can use this template to visually display the relationships and connections within your single-parent family.


This document is for presenting a comprehensive family tree including siblings, extended to the fourth generation. It is drafted in Spanish and aids in tracing familial lineage and relationships.


This document is a family tree template specifically designed for couples to trace their family lineage up to four generations. It allows you to fill in the names and relationships of your ancestors in an organized and visually appealing way. Perfect for those interested in exploring their family history.


This form is used for collecting and recording important information about an individual's family history. It includes details about family members, such as names, birth dates, and medical history. This information is valuable for genealogical research and can also help with understanding potential hereditary health conditions.

This document provides a template to create a timeline of your family's genealogy. It helps you organize and track important dates and events in your ancestors' lives.

This form is used for creating a genogram, which is a visual representation of a person's family history, in the state of Missouri.

This document contains information about the family history of a deceased individual in the state of Montana. It may include details about their ancestors, relatives, and relevant genealogical information.

This document provides a family tree of the Google Books litigation, specifically focusing on the involvement of the Library Copyright Alliance.

This document is a questionnaire used to gather information about a family's history in Rhode Island. It helps to collect important details about ancestors and relatives who have lived in the state.

This form is used for providing proof of heirship in the state of Wisconsin. It is used to establish the legal heirs of a deceased individual and their rights to inherit property.

This Form is used for obtaining a Certificate of Descent in the state of Wisconsin. It is used to prove one's lineage and descent for various legal and official purposes.

This document helps record the individual or family history of individuals in Alabama. It is a valuable resource for tracing ancestry and understanding one's heritage.

This document lists the heirs entitled to inherit property in New York. It provides information about who will receive an individual's assets when they pass away.

This document is used to create a family tree or establish a link to a deceased individual in New York City.

This document is used to trace and link the family tree of an individual who has roots in Italian ancestry in New York City.

This document is used to trace the family tree and link to a deceased individual in New York City who has French ancestry.

This form is used for listing the heirs in the state of Virginia. It helps to identify and document the individuals who are entitled to inherit an estate.

This document is used for creating a family history chart for individuals in categories B, C, and D. It helps to organize and track information about your ancestors and relatives in these specific categories.

This form is used for capturing the family medical history of adults. It helps individuals and healthcare providers to identify any hereditary conditions or diseases that may be present in their family. An adult family history form typically includes information about the medical history of parents, siblings, grandparents, and other extended family members. It is an important tool for assessing the risk of certain health conditions and making informed medical decisions.

This document is a Family Tree Template that helps you visualize and organize your family connections. It is a useful tool for documenting your American Lifestyle and tracing your family history.


This document is used for documenting and capturing important details about your family history, including information about your ancestors, siblings, and extended family members.

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