Free Holiday Templates

The end of the year and the beginning of a new one is a perfect opportunity to send many cards to people you have not talked to recently, figure out the most entertaining ways to spend quality time with kids, decorate the interior and exterior of the house with the help of handmade crafts, and surprise your family and guests with the skills and talents they did not know about before - create a customized pattern for a Christmas stocking or make New Year hats to get into the festive mood. Build a closer connection with people you truly care about or try to restore old friendships whether the holiday season has a religious or strictly cultural significance to you.

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Holiday Template Types

  • Christmas Templates. Whether you are arranging festive activities for yourself and your colleagues, looking for the best way to entertain your children during their Christmas break, or adding some finishing touches to numerous presents for your loved ones, use the cards, certificates, and spreadsheets in order to stay on top of Christmas planning this year. Moreover, businesses can spice up the decor of their place and attract new customers to their establishments if they host a Christmas dinner or serve dishes traditional for this holiday;
  • New Year Templates. Motivate yourself to achieve personal goals at the beginning of the year, work on the decorative elements you add to your house, and gather your relatives and friends for a proper celebration at your residence or a venue you would rather book for that purpose - all this and more can be accomplished with lists and worksheets we have prepared for your convenience. Seize the chance to learn more about foreign traditions and cultures related to similar celebrations abroad - pick the Holiday template you like and enjoy yourself during a vacation!

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This template will enable you to make a unique photo Christmas card that you'll be able to send to each of your friends, family, and coworkers.

This is a written template that includes the tasks that need to be completed on Christmas Eve, right before Christmas.

This template refers to a woman-shaped drawing or baked good, often served on Christmas for dessert.


This type of template can be used to help organize a Secret Santa Gift Exchange.

This type of template is a special list created by an individual taking part in a Secret Santa game.

Using this type of template is a great idea for a present for those who would like to present a gift certificate to someone from Santa Claus.

This flyer template can be used to help advertise an upcoming New Year-themed event.

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