Free Halloween Templates

A Halloween template is a written instrument mainly used at the end of October to celebrate Halloween. Whether you are inviting guests to your house or planning to have dinner with your colleagues, preparing a perfect Halloween costume or decorating your place to reflect the spirit of the holiday, you will find a template suitable for your needs - entertain and scare people around you!

You may find a full list of Halloween templates by checking out our library below.

Halloween Template Types 

  • Pumpkin Carving Templates. If you want to make your own Jack-O'Lantern out of the pumpkin, you will need a pattern to follow - choose the one you like most and show your creative side to your friends and neighbors;
  • Halloween Invitation Templates will allow you to inform the general public about the upcoming party or offer people you are close with to join the party you are arranging - let the recipients know the date and location of the celebration;
  • Halloween Tickets are typically used by club owners and promoters to identify individuals that have paid the entrance fee and are permitted to enter the place on Halloween night or the weekend after to show their costumes and have fun with local residents;
  • Halloween Certificate Template. Usually prepared by the contest organizers to acknowledge and praise the person with the best Halloween outfit, whether it is a school event or a party elsewhere, this document will be a thoughtful keepsake for the scary-looking guest;
  • Halloween Poster Template. Use the opportunity to promote the upcoming Halloween party by designing and printing out large sheets of paper that encourage anyone who sees them to take part in the celebration;
  • Halloween Gift Tag Template. Instead of filling out numerous cards in addition to gifts on Halloween, you may attach small pieces of paper with the symbols typical for the holiday to the gifts to greet the recipient and give them your best regards;
  • A Halloween Card Template is decorated and completed prior to the holiday week to invite the addressee to attend a party - alternatively, it can be presented to the recipient on the day of Halloween to congratulate them;
  • Halloween Activity Sheets. Prepare these templates for kids attending kindergarten; distributed during the Halloween season, these instruments will let them learn and be entertained while counting recurring pictures, coloring them, or connecting the symbols of the holiday;
  • Halloween Coloring Pages can be printed out in their present form or personalized to be a great gift for a young child or an artistic person that loves to draw and color pictures as a hobby;
  • Halloween Potluck Sign-Up Sheet Template. Find out who is willing to join the Halloween party you are organizing and what dishes the guests will contribute whether you are celebrating with your friends or colleagues;
  • A Halloween Lantern Template is going to be useful whether you are decorating your residence or front porch with traditional illumination or utilizing pumpkins as lanterns;
  • Halloween Mask Templates. Complete your Halloween outfit with the scary face covering if you are getting ready for the party or will be out all evening trick-or-treating.

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This is a document used by planners of Halloween potlucks to monitor and keep track of responsibilities that were allocated to guests, ensuring that the necessary foods, beverages, and accessories are provided by each individual that was invited to the party.

This type of template is the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit by decorating your house, office, or classroom.

Whether you want to attend a Halloween party, go trick-or-treating or just prank your friends - a Vampire Mask is the perfect option.

Whether you are organizing a Halloween party or have children that will be going trick-or-treating, a Pumpkin Mask can be used to help get into the Halloween spirit.

This type of template is used as a covering for the entire face or part of it that depicts instantly recognizable characteristics of a witch, usually worn to a social gathering that requires the guests to have a costume.

This type of template refers to a disguise in the shape of a human skull worn at a celebration or masquerade to entertain people around the individual that chose the costume.

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