Sign up Sheets

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A sign-up sheet - otherwise called a sign-in sheet - is a numbered list used for recording the names and contact information of the participants of a meeting, class, or party. Those interested in attending can elect to participate in the event or elect to receive invites or promotional information. Sign-up sheet templates also help record employee hours, track visitors and can provide highly useful information about the attendees of an event. Some may be tailored specifically to solicit feedback or contact information from your customers to help better your business. They are ideal for recruiting volunteers, planning events, assessing interest in an activity, and creating mailing lists.

Sign-up sheets are an important tool in the planning process. Planning to host a potluck? Let your friends list the food they are going to bring. Looking for volunteers to help with your non-profit? Collect contact information from applicants interested in helping you out. Are you a counselor looking for an appointment schedule to hang on your door? Print out a sign-up form to put and allow your clients to sign up for a visit at a specific time.