A Sign-Up Sheet is a list of individuals that confirm their attendance at a formal or informal event. Whether you need to monitor your employees every work day, invite aspiring athletes to take part in a tournament, ask your friends to join the party you are planning, or ensure a potluck is successful, this is the tool to be completed either by the manager, event planner, party host, or the participants. 

You can see a full list of Sign-Up Sheet templates by checking out our library below.

Sign-Up Sheet Template Types 

  • Tournament Sign-Up Sheet Templates are completed by participants of a competition whether you are playing sports with your friends or arranging a local event for dozens of people - teams and individual athletes will confirm their attendance;
  • Holiday Sign-Up Sheet Templates. Find out who is going to come to your celebration whether you are inviting your friends or sharing this message on social media to host a large party;
  • Holiday Potluck Sign-Up Sheet Templates. Gather your loved ones for a meal asking guests to contribute to the lunch or dinner in question - people you are asking to attend the party can let you know what they can cook or purchase and inform guests about the ingredients used for dishes;
  • Employee Sign-Up Sheet Templates are necessary for companies that keep track of the times their employees arrive to work and leave the office in order to count the work hours and handle payroll correctly;
  • A Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet Template is going to be useful for the organizer of the charitable event or the employer willing to offer work to people that may need volunteer experience for their future resumes - learn who is ready to lend you a helping hand;
  • Cookie Exchange Sign-Up Sheet. Invite your friends to a gathering and discover their culinary talents with the help of this Sign-Up Sheet template - you can taste cookies together and swap recipes;
  • A Karaoke Sign-Up Sheet is a good idea to arrange a karaoke night - the host will prepare the songs the guests love which saves time for everyone involved and gives people the opportunity to enjoy the music they prefer;
  • Laundry Sign-Up Sheet. Keep up with your chores by indicating what family member or roommate is responsible for doing laundry - schedule the times the laundry has to be dealt with and ask others to record the days they are free to do it;
  • Car Wash Sign-Up Sheet. If you are holding a fundraising car wash, the volunteers may fill out this document to inform you when they come to the event and whether they already have car-washing skills to make sure vehicle owners are happy with the rendered services.

How to Make a Sign-Up Sheet?

Here are some tips you should use when creating a Sign-Up Sheet from scratch:

  1. Draw a table. The rows usually indicate the numbers while the columns are up to you - for example, if you are checking when the employees arrive to work, the sheet has to contain their names and signatures, the times of arrival and departure, and the signature of the supervisor certifying the information is accurate.
  2. Allocate more space in the cells that will record detailed descriptions. In case you are requesting information about the food and drinks your guests will bring to the party, enable them to share the contents of the dishes and warn others about allergens to guarantee the brunch or dinner is safe for all attendees. 
  3. Decorate a blank Sign-Up Sheet in accordance with its intended use - if you are inviting people to an informal celebration, insert symbols and patterns associated with the holiday; a list of sporting event participants will capture the eye of people walking by if you insert the pictures or drawings of items required for similar competitions or badges of the teams.
  4. Make an electronic version of the document - it will be useful if the printed-out list is missing or you are conveying the details of the upcoming event to the local community or people you are familiar with. In the latter case, the guests or volunteers can complete the form on their own without you requesting everyone for their details personally. 

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