Free Raffle Ticket Templates

What Is a Raffle Ticket?

A Raffle Ticket is a numbered tag that gives its owner the chance to win in a gambling competition called a raffle. The purpose of the ticket is to confirm that the individual has actually paid for their right to participate in the raffle.

Generally, the raffle is set as a charity event by a non-profit organization that is trying to raise money for a certain cause. The prizes are usually donated or have a symbolic value. The competition contains several stages:

  • The tickets are sold to individuals who would like to participate in the raffle, while a copy of each ticket is put in a container. Sometimes the organizer uses part of the ticket instead of a copy, that they rip out when the ticket is bought;
  • On a set date and time a competition host pulls out a copy of the ticket (or its part) from the container and draws a winner;
  • The holder of the ticket wins the prize. There can be several winners that are drawn to a separate prize.

Check out our library below to download various Raffle Ticket templates in different colors and designs.

Raffles are a very popular gambling competition but are considered illegal in some places. Before preparing one, check the state’s applicable law and make sure the raffle is organized in accordance with local regulations.

How to Make a Raffle Ticket?

Raffle Ticket printing can be available through different services, however, the raffle host can compile and print the tickets themselves. Generally, they can be made in a few minutes since they do not consist of many sections, nevertheless, the organizer can place an extended amount of information there. It can contain several parts, which include the following:

  1. Ticket Information. The ticket should include a title, an identification number, and a Raffle Ticket prize. If the raffle is organized by a non-profit organization, then the ticket can also provide information on how all the money raised with the raffle will be spent. An identification number is necessary because this number will be used to draw a winner.
  2. Information About the Organizer. In this part of the ticket, the organizer should provide their name, location, and other types of information that they want the raffle participants to know. For example, they can share their main goals or describe the main directions they are working on.
  3. Information About the Event. Here the organizer can designate information about the event. They should state where it will be held and when, including the full address of the place, date, and time.
  4. Ticket Copy. This section of the tickets is supposed to be kept by the raffle organizer. After the individual has bought the ticket, this part should be ripped off and placed in the raffle container. The ticket copy should designate the ticket's identification number and information about the individual that bought it, such as their name, address, and telephone number (if applicable).
  5. Prize Information. In addition to everything mentioned above, the organizer can state which prizes the winners are entitled to. They can enlist them and designate which prize will be first, second, third, etc.

There are no requirements for Raffle Ticket paper, it can be of different colors and styles and it is up to the raffle host how to design it. Usually, hosts choose a Raffle Ticket template that appeals the most to them and fill it with information about their event.

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This template provides a black and white design for creating raffle tickets. Ideal for events, fundraisers, and other occasions.

This document is a template for creating multicolored raffle tickets. It can be used to easily design and print raffle tickets with various colors.

This type of document is a template for creating raffle tickets. It contains 14 tickets per page.


This document provides a blank template for creating raffle tickets for fundraising events and giveaways.

This type of document provides ready-to-use raffle ticket templates with a pink and blue theme, where three tickets are printed on each page.

This document provides raffle ticket templates in grey and red colors, with three tickets per page. It is useful for organizing and printing raffle tickets for events or fundraisers.

This document provides raffle ticket templates designed in pastel colors, with 8 tickets per page. Use these templates to create stylish and attractive raffle tickets for your event.

This type of document provides raffle ticket templates with bold colors. Each page contains 12 tickets that can be used for various events and fundraising activities.

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