Alternative Sales - Free Forms and Templates

This guide will tell you about certificates and forms that allow individuals and businesses alike to generate revenue, obtain disbursements, or acquire a financial gain. These documents are not used in a traditional sales process - instead, they are considered a part of alternative sales and can be utilized by buyers and consumers at their discretion.

Click on the links below to download widely used Alternative Sales forms and templates and customize them to suit your own needs. While companies can print these templates and distribute them among their existing and potential clients, individual buyers can learn the structure of these documents and make a profit or get a refund on their latest purchase.

  1. Rebate Forms. These are extremely common in a variety of industries. It allows individual customers and entities to claim a refund after they paid rent or entered into a trading operation. If tenants paid taxes on the property you rented during the reporting period of time and you are either of old age or disabled, you can request a refund from the Department of Revenue of your state and they will send you a portion of the funds you paid them in taxes. Likewise, it is possible to return a certain percentage of the price you paid for goods and services if you know in advance the store or the manufacturer offers a refund.
  2. Gift Certificates. Gift Certificates (also known as Gift Cards) are widely used in the retail industry. This certificate is a prepaid card that allows its owner to spend a specific sum of money on goods and services provided by the store, barbershop, massage salon, etc. It can be purchased from the store, and you can specify the amount of money the certificate contains, after which this card can be exchanged for products from the store before the certificate expires.
  3. Raffle Tickets. Raffle Tickets are small pieces of paper that contain numbers that represent people who have bought a ticket to enter a competition and win a prize. Sometimes the funds from the raffle go to a charitable cause, and the holder of the winning raffle ticket receives a symbolic prize from the contest organizers.
  4. Coupons. These small documents are issued by manufacturers and retailers that allow clients to purchase goods and services with a discount. Usually found in newspapers, magazines, or on the Internet, coupons are a great sales strategy that not only offers products at a lower price but also lets businesses attract new customers.

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