Free Sales Strategy Templates

What Is Sales Strategy?

Sales Strategy can be defined as the approach the company takes when planning and organizing its sales process in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors and generate more revenue. In our guide, you will learn how to introduce new selling strategies to your business, expand it, and create better selling methodologies for your sales team.

How to Develop a Sales Strategy?

Every company whose profits depend on the amount and quantity of sales must consider building a long-term Sales Strategy Plan. To do it successfully, follow these four steps:

  • Learn more about the customer experience and determine what real people want to buy from you by implementing field sales, online sales, and offering other companies to represent your business and resell your goods;
  • Give a chance to new service plans instead of focusing on the old ones - they might not work in the current market anymore;
  • Identify opportunities and threats your company faces, its weak and strong qualities to know which business aspects to concentrate upon when developing a new Sales and Marketing Strategy;
  • Set goals for your salespeople. You should not only provide them with a monetary incentive to make sure they fulfill their quotas, but also engage them in corporate life and make them understand the long-term goals and intentions of the business.

The Sales Strategy templates below will help you to improve your sales, enhance corporate image, and provide your clients with better goods and services:

  1. Quotes and Bids. Templates in this category are often used in the construction industry - you can explain to a prospective client how much time and money will the project demand so that the property owner can choose the best contractor for the job at hand.
  2. Order Forms and Invoices. These are needed by vendors and customers alike: while orders confirm the request of merchandise, usually when the order means a large number of goods, invoices serve as proof that the order has been completed successfully and the payment has been accepted.
  3. Receipts. A Receipt acknowledges the transfer of valuable items from one party to another (individuals and companies alike) in the written form. Whether you need to confirm the purchase of goods, delivery of merchandise, or the acceptance of the rental payment, you can complete and sign a receipt.
  4. Warranties. These are typically given to the buyer of the goods or recipient of the services by the seller or service provider to verify the quality of the sold items or rendered services and prove the current condition of the goods corresponds to their description in the original contract signed by the parties.
  5. Mechanic's Lien. A Mechanic's Lien is used to protect the interests of builders and contractors who have not received payment for the construction project they worked on. It creates a burden on the real estate any member of the public can learn about, so property owners are forced to pay the money as quickly as possible.
  6. Shipping Goods. Every business that delivers goods or works with suppliers that send them massive quantities of merchandise needs to record the outgoing or incoming order, monitor the shipping process, and confirm the receipt of the goods.
  7. Sales Performance. Evaluate the work of your sales team, analyze information about your target audience you have collected, and plan for the future by setting new goals and planning new projects.
  8. Alternative Sales. Benefit from unconventional methods of making a profit - you can attract new customers with discounts, refunds, and a possibility to win a prize after a contest.
  9. Charity. Use these plans, letters, and receipts to organize a charitable event, invite people and businesses to participate in them and donate funds, and thank them for their contributions.

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This is a formal document that confirms a payment has been received for child care services.

This type of template acts as written confirmation of repayment of a sum of money for goods that have been purchased.

A parent or legal guardian may use this type of template to confirm they have received the child support they are owed by the other parent or legal guardian of the child.

This is a written document designed by a shipping company to describe a shipment and confirm the goods in question were received for subsequent shipment.

This form verifies that the tenant has received keys to a property they rent and guarantees to return them to the landlord or property manager by a certain date or when the Lease Agreement expires and the rental period is over.

This document can be used by landlords when signing on a new tenant and provides a record of the security deposit payment that needs to be made.

This is a document that can be used to record payment for the successful delivery of an item to a specific destination.

This is a document used to provide a record of a gift being donated to a charitable organization.

This type of template acts as a confirmation that certain goods or services were provided and paid for by the client.

An individual may use this type of template to verify that cash was received as a gift which can be useful when filing taxes.

This type of template acts as a document that keeps a note of any donations that have been gifted to a church.

This type of template is handed out to an individual after they have placed an initial fee (known as a deposit) to reserve the goods or services they wish to acquire.

This type of template is created and handed over to a client after the client has fully paid for their stay in a hotel.

This is a document used to confirm a person or organization has paid to rent a car for a period of time.

This type of template is created when certain items or properties are donated to another party and an individual would like a receipt of the donation.

This type of template acts as a receipt that demonstrates the charges involved for parking a car, or any other vehicle in an allocated parking lot.

This type of template can be given to a vehicle owner to confirm that tow trucking services were provided and paid for in instances when a vehicle (car, motorbike, or truck) was towed.

An individual may use this legally binding document to acknowledge the fact of putting a down payment for a vehicle, prior to the full payment during the sale and purchase of a car.

This is a formal document provided to the purchaser of a vehicle to prove the payment was made in part or in full.

This type of template is produced and given to clients after they have paid for any form of services relating to having their vehicle cleaned.

A cleaning service may use this type of template to outline the scope of carpet cleaning services they have rendered and record the details of payment.

An individual or cleaning service may use this type of template to detail a financial transaction between the cleaning service and the customer, confirming the latter has paid the required amount for the cleaning services that have been provided.

This type of template refers to a formal document that confirms the payment of a sum of money the purchaser is providing upfront before paying the whole price of a certain item.

A business may use this type of template to record the fact of payment provided by the customer to the dry cleaning service.

This type of template is drafted and issued by a healthcare practice after payment for a medical invoice has gone through successfully.

A client may receive this type of receipt as confirmation that the client has paid for the services of a mechanic that was required to service their vehicle.

A client may be handed this type of document after they have paid for an oil change when servicing their motor vehicle.

This type of document is a template for creating a utility bill. It can be used to create a bill for services like electricity, water, or gas.

This type of document is created and given out by a selling party to a buying party, when an international trade has occurred and this invoice acts as confirmation of this.

This type of document is a template used by hotels to create invoices for their guests. It includes details such as room charges, additional services, and payment instructions.

This document is a template for invoicing HVAC service orders. It helps businesses in the HVAC industry create professional and organized invoices for their services.

This type of document is a blank invoice template designed to be printed in portrait orientation. It is used for creating invoices for goods or services provided by a business to a customer.

This document is a template that can be used to create an invoice for professional services. It is designed to help professionals accurately and efficiently bill their clients for the services they have provided.

A contractor can use this type of template to present the charges for the services or goods they have provided, either to an individual or to an organization.

This document is a template for creating an invoice for selling a car in the United Kingdom. It includes all necessary details for a car sale transaction.

This document is a construction invoice template used to bill clients for services provided on a construction project. It includes details such as the project name, labor and material costs, and payment terms.

This spreadsheet template is used to track and manage outstanding invoices for businesses. It helps organize and monitor payment deadlines and amounts owed.

A plumbing business may prepare an invoice such as this to inform their client about a payment they need to make for rendered services.

This document is a template for creating product invoices. It provides a formal structure for listing the details of a sale, including the products sold, prices, quantities, and total amount due. Using this template can help businesses streamline their invoicing process and ensure accuracy in their financial transactions.

This document is a template that can be used to create a rent invoice. It includes sections for the landlord's information, tenant's information, details of the rental property, and payment information. The template is useful for landlords or property managers who need to provide invoices to their tenants for rent payments.

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