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What Is Sales Strategy? 

Sales Strategy can be defined as the approach the company takes when planning and organizing its sales process in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors and generate more revenue.  In our guide, you will learn how to introduce new selling strategies to your business, expand it, and create better selling methodologies for your sales team.

How to Develop a Sales Strategy? 

Every company whose profits depend on the amount and quantity of sales must consider building a long-term Sales Strategy Plan. To do it successfully, follow these four steps:

  • Learn more about the customer experience and determine what real people want to buy from you by implementing field sales, online sales, and offering other companies to represent your business and resell your goods;
  • Give a chance to new service plans instead of focusing on the old ones - they might not work in the current market anymore;
  • Identify opportunities and threats your company faces, its weak and strong qualities to know which business aspects to concentrate upon when developing a new Sales and Marketing Strategy;
  • Set goals for your salespeople. You should not only provide them with a monetary incentive to make sure they fulfill their quotas, but also engage them in corporate life and make them understand the long-term goals and intentions of the business.

The Sales Strategy templates below will help you to improve your sales, enhance corporate image, and provide your clients with better goods and services:

  1. Quotes and Bids. Templates in this category are often used in the construction industry - you can explain to a prospective client how much time and money will the project demand so that the property owner can choose the best contractor for the job at hand.
  2. Order Forms and Invoices. These are needed by vendors and customers alike: while orders confirm the request of merchandise, usually when the order means a large number of goods, invoices serve as proof that the order has been completed successfully and the payment has been accepted.
  3. Receipts. A Receipt acknowledges the transfer of valuable items from one party to another (individuals and companies alike) in the written form. Whether you need to confirm the purchase of goods, delivery of merchandise, or the acceptance of the rental payment, you can complete and sign a receipt.
  4. Warranties. These are typically given to the buyer of the goods or recipient of the services by the seller or service provider to verify the quality of the sold items or rendered services and prove the current condition of the goods corresponds to their description in the original contract signed by the parties.
  5. Mechanic's Lien. A Mechanic's Lien is used to protect the interests of builders and contractors who have not received payment for the construction project they worked on. It creates a burden on the real estate any member of the public can learn about, so property owners are forced to pay the money as quickly as possible.
  6. Shipping Goods. Every business that delivers goods or works with suppliers that send them massive quantities of merchandise needs to record the outgoing or incoming order, monitor the shipping process, and confirm the receipt of the goods.
  7. Sales Performance. Evaluate the work of your sales team, analyze information about your target audience you have collected, and plan for the future by setting new goals and planning new projects.
  8. Alternative Sales. Benefit from unconventional methods of making a profit - you can attract new customers with discounts, refunds, and a possibility to win a prize after a contest.
  9. Charity. Use these plans, letters, and receipts to organize a charitable event, invite people and businesses to participate in them and donate funds, and thank them for their contributions. 

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"Release of Liability Form"

Rate (4.4 / 5) 7 votes
Size: 58 KB
1 page

This is a document through which one party (called the releasor) waives the liability of another party (called the releasee).

"Contractor Warranty Form"

Rate (4.7 / 5) 31 votes
Size: 57 KB
1 page

This document is signed by the contractor and guarantees that their construction project will meet the safety and quality standards universally accepted by the building and construction industry.

"Indemnification Agreement Template"

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4 pages

This contract holds one party responsible for the damage or loss suffered by the other party and specifies the compensation that will be available for the negative occurrences.

"Guarantee Agreement Template"

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This document acts as an official pledge listing a third party (known as the guarantor) who will ensure payment of a debt will be fully repaid to the creditor.

"Hold Harmless Agreement Template"

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Size: 84 KB
3 pages

This document is a legal agreement or clause that declares that one party will not hold another party liable for risk or damage.

"HIPAA Risk Assessment Template"

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Size: 120 KB
10 pages

"Vendor Risk Assessment Template"

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"Business Risk Assessment Template"

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"It Risk Assessment Template"

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"Nist Risk Assessment Template"

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