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To operate a business properly, you need to plan, organize, control, and manage the resources of the company with the help of numerous documents, statements, and agreements. They will become the foundation for your business decisions and will allow you to record and later analyze every business operation you have been a part of. You will be able to set the goals of your entity and keep the records in order to demonstrate the legitimacy of all transactions to your shareholders and appropriate authorities. Our guide will introduce you to documentation essential for the business operations of any organization.

Business Operations: Contracts

  1. Business Contract. Whenever two entities enter into an agreement to exchange items or services for a certain sum of money, it is required to sign this kind of document to establish the main obligations of the partners.
  2. Business Purchase Agreement. If you have finalized negotiations for a sale and purchase of a business, complete this contract to govern the transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer.
  3. Assignment Agreement. If you want to delegate transfer your rights and responsibilities under an agreement, you can find a party that wants to become an assignee and delegate all contractual obligations to them, once you obtain the consent of your original counterpart.
  4. License Agreement. See our library of templates to establish terms and conditions of a license under which one party grants another permission to use the property in exchange for a fee.
  5. Novation Agreement. This document is signed when an agreement between two parties is transferred to a new person or group. It confirms that the new party agrees to the stipulations of the original contract.
  6. Cooperation Agreement. A Cooperation (or "Corporative") Agreement is signed by two parties interested in working on a business opportunity or project together.
  7. Business Associate Agreement. This agreement defines what types of Protected Health Information (PHI) the organization will be managing, what it is given access to, and procedures to enact should a data hack occur.

Business Operations: Internal Processes

  1. Appointment of Representative. Draft this document to allow a particular individual to represent the interests of your company when dealing with customers and business partners.
  2. Invention Disclosure Form. This document will be useful for companies involved in science and engineering to create evidence of their invention and later submit this proof for patent protection.
  3. Meeting Agenda. Use this template to prepare for a conference or briefing session with your team and know in advance which issues to discuss.
  4. Meeting Minutes. When you have an official hearing or meeting, compose a written record of everything that was said during the event.
  5. Board Resolution. Whether you just start your business or welcome a new member to your board, create this statement to define the roles of every corporate officer and list topics on which you need to vote as a board.
  6. Letter of Intent. Compose it to outline your intentions related to a certain business proposal.
  7. Certificate of Incumbency. This form identifies all individuals who are allowed to represent the company and specifies their responsibilities.
  8. Annual Report. It provides information about the company's financial status and business activities to its shareholders and other concerned parties.

Business Operations: Miscellaneous

    1. Use Business Cards to introduce your business to new clients, advertise your services, and stay in contact with potential associates.
    2. A Press Release is prepared by the business with the intention to make an official news media announcement about new products or major company-related changes.
    3. A Change of Address Form is completed when a company obtains a new physical or mailing address to notify its business partners and various government agencies.
    4. A Notice of Closure is a sign created to tell the customers and counterparts that the store or office is going to close in the near future.
    5. A Business License Application contains a request to the appropriate authorities for a permit or license needed for the commercial activity of a company.
    6. Use a Memorandum of Understanding to list preliminary terms and conditions of the agreement between yourself and the party you're looking to work on a project with.
    7. A Contract Termination Letter will allow you to outline the conditions of the contract cancellation whether you have provided for certain courses of action in the original agreement or not.

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This type of document is a template that can be used to create a notice of a meeting. It provides a format and structure for informing participants about the details of an upcoming meeting.

You may use this document to provide relevant information about your business to news media outlets.

You may use this Board Resolution template to express a decision made by a board of directors of a corporation at their regular meeting.


This is a document that should be completed by a scientist or a group of scientists to document an invention.

A EULA is signed by an individual or entity that buys, downloads, or installs software, and the licensor or owner of the software in question.

This legal contract outlines the assignment of rights and responsibilities under an original contract from one party to another.

Under this agreement, the licensor is legally bound to grant the licensee the right to produce and sell goods or provide services under the brand name or trademark the licensor owns.

This type of document is a typed or handwritten notice that informs recipients that a business has indicated in writing it is about to close soon.

This is a contract signed by a photo owner (usually, a photographer) and an individual or company that wishes to license the use of their work.

This is a legally binding contract signed by two parties looking to exchange goods or services for a certain consideration, typically money.

This is a document that records and contains information about decisions and actions taken by shareholders during a business meeting.

This is a legal document issued by a business that identifies the company directors, officers, shareholders, and upper-level managers and specifies their authority to enter into various transactions acting on behalf of the business.

This is a document presented to all shareholders to inform them about a shareholders' meeting that contains all of the topics that are subject to discussion.

This form includes preliminary terms and conditions of the agreement between two parties looking to work together on a project.

This contract lays out the duties of the parties doing business together and determines how payment (if applicable) will be shared.

This contract is used for transferring the rights and obligations of one of the parties to the original contract to a third party.

Individuals may use this as an agreement between organizations that use, produce, manage, or store Protected Health Information (PHI) and is required by law to maintain HIPAA compliance.

This is a written template created to list the topics the board of directors will discuss during a gathering and figure out how much time the activities the company has planned for the meeting will take.

This type of template can be used to outline the structure of an upcoming gathering of employees.

The salesperson in charge of a sales meeting may use this type of template to plan an upcoming gathering of salespeople and their supervisors and update each other on their recent accomplishments.

A family can prepare this type of template before a weekly meeting to state the topics of discussions and new rules for the family, assign chores and duties, and share love and affection for each other.

This document represents an official record of everything that has been said or occurred during the meeting of community residents who make up a Homeowner Association (HOA).

This template acts as a written statement that is drafted to maintain an accurate record of everything said and every decision made during the meeting of a governing body of an organization.

This document is a template for creating a notice of board meeting. It can be used to inform board members about an upcoming meeting and provide details about the agenda and location.

This document is a template for a notice to be sent out for a homeowners association (HOA) meeting. It provides a format to inform residents of the upcoming meeting agenda, date, and location.

This business card template features a minimalist design, perfect for creating a sleek and professional image for your business. Customize the template with your own contact information for a clean and modern look.

This document provides a blank template for creating business cards. Use it to design professional and personalized business cards for your company or personal use.

This template is used for creating double-sided business cards. It helps you design and print professional-looking business cards that showcase your contact information and promote your business or personal brand.

This document provides a template for designing a square business card. Use it to create a unique and eye-catching business card for your company or personal brand.

This template is used for creating vertical business cards. It provides a design layout that can be customized with your own business information.

Members of a book club or those wishing to start one may use this type of template when gathering people to talk about a current book that they are reading

A business may use this type of template to record any important information regarding any meeting that takes place within the company.

The purpose of this type of agenda is to structure all of these various parts of the church meeting appropriately, ensuring that all important points are discussed and nothing is left forgotten.

This type of template refers to a formal statement that contains the list of activities, discussions, solutions, and decisions of the board of directors or shareholders that manage the company.

This kind of template can be used as written down notes which are recorded in great detail during a meeting between the owners of a Limited Liability Company.

An employer or manager may use this type of template to make a clear, structured, and organized plan concerning the various things that they would like to discuss with an employee during a one on one meeting.

A company or an individual may use this type of template to help structure a Safety Metting Agenda for their own purposes.

This type of template is used to form an informative manual for participants to keep track during a meeting in which a specific plan or marketable strategy is being talked about.

This type of agenda acts as a written list of activities and topics of discussion the employees of a particular company will talk about once they gather for a briefing.

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