Free Meeting Minutes Templates

What Are Meeting Minutes?

Meeting Minutes are a type of written documentation that is used to record what happened at a meeting and to map out the procedures that need to be taken after the event. The document usually contains the information on where and when the meeting was held, as well as a list of its participants. A Meeting Minutes template can be used for all types of meetings that require to be formally recorded.

The templates provided below can be used to create a corporate minutes document applicable for any type of meeting. The most common types of meetings that require written minutes are Board of Directors meetings, Shareholder meetings, and HOA meetings. Ready-made forms work best: they are perfectly structured for any type of meeting and group, including unincorporated groups or associations.

How Do Meeting Minutes Work?

The most important aspect included in the document is the information on what happened during the meeting. The body of the document usually includes "Resolutions" - a part that describes what was discussed and decided upon at the meeting. Sometimes the document may include "Notes" instead of "Resolutions." The difference between the two is that the topics and issues listed in the "Notes" were not necessarily resolved during the discussion.

The document is signed by two people: the one who submitted the document and the one who approved the minutes (usually - the chairperson for the meeting). All documents reviewed during the meeting should also be attached to the minutes.

How to Take Meeting Minutes?

This document serves as a written record that provides workers with information on what was decided and what actions are to be taken. Moreover, this protocol is what you can refer back to if any issues occur. Sometimes, these minutes may also come in handy for legal reasons.

In general, all Meeting Minutes have to record the following information:

  1. The date, time, location, and type of meeting.
  2. The name, position, and department of the individual in charge of recording the minutes.
  3. The names and titles of all attendees.
  4. All agenda items and topics discussed.
  5. The prescribed actions and the individuals responsible for implementing these actions.

After the information is filled out, the form is to be printed, copied, and kept on file with the individual responsible for organizing the Meeting Minutes. Normally, this is the secretary or the administrator of the group. There is no federal law with requirements for Meeting Minutes, however, state law might determine what should be included and what type of notice is required. Corporation Bylaws may also have specific rules on what is to be included in the document.

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This is a document that records and contains information about decisions and actions taken by shareholders during a business meeting.

This document represents an official record of everything that has been said or occurred during the meeting of community residents who make up a Homeowner Association (HOA).

This template acts as a written statement that is drafted to maintain an accurate record of everything said and every decision made during the meeting of a governing body of an organization.


A business may use this type of template to record any important information regarding any meeting that takes place within the company.

This type of template refers to a formal statement that contains the list of activities, discussions, solutions, and decisions of the board of directors or shareholders that manage the company.

This kind of template can be used as written down notes which are recorded in great detail during a meeting between the owners of a Limited Liability Company.

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