Free Eviction Notice Templates

What Is an Eviction Notice?

An Eviction Notice is a formal note or letter used by landlords to warn their tenants about the termination of their rental agreement to begin the eviction process.

Alternate Names:

  • Eviction Letter;
  • Lease Termination Notice;
  • Notice to Vacate.

The eviction warning letter is sent when the rental contract is coming to an end or if the tenant has violated any of its clauses. Ground for eviction may include not paying the rent or doing damage to the furniture or property. The two types of notices the landlord can send are the "curable notices to vacate" and the "incurable notice to vacate". A curable notice warns the tenant that their actions had violated their rental agreement and requires them to fix the issue.

Each curable notice should contain a description of the violation, the date and place it occurred, what and when should be done to fix it. An incurable notice is more strict, stating a specific date by which the tenant has to vacate the property.

How to Serve an Eviction Notice to a Tenant?

It's best to hand-deliver Eviction Notices or send them by certified mail to ensure that the tenant receives them in time. The eviction process typically takes at least one month but might last longer in some cases. If the landlord does not send the eviction letter or sends an incomplete or incorrect one, the eviction request will be considered illegal.




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This form is used for issuing an eviction notice and obtaining a warrant for possession in the state of Kentucky.

This five-day notice is a simple letter notifying the occupant that the owner of the property intends to obtain possession of the property and gives their reasons.

This is an official Eviction Petition Form from Harris County, Texas. In order to initiate an eviction, a written petition must be filed with the justice court and a payment of the filing fees must be paid.

This document is used for issuing an eviction notice to a tenant in Hawaii.

This three-day notice to pay rent or quit may be used in Mississippi, USA. This is an official form that requires to pay rent within three days or vacate premisses.

This Form is used for terminating a tenancy-at-will agreement in Maine. It serves as a notice to quit the premises within 7 days.

Another example of a five-day notice to quit that comes from Oklahoma. The letter gives notice that a tenant is in violation of their lease agreement for a reason of indebtedness.

This 24-hour notice of eviction for disruptive behavior is a one-page letter that lists several checkboxes with reasons for eviction.

This Five-Day Notice to Quit Form comes is used in Las Vegas Township, Nevada. It gives notice to a tenant stating they are in default in the payment of rent. This is a warning letter that contains an affidavit of service part.

This Texas 3-day notice for nonpayment of rent states the reason for the eviction (specifically - indebtedness) and has a “Certification of Delivery” part.

This document is used for initiating the eviction process in Massachusetts. It includes a summons and complaint that need to be served to the tenant.

This type of document, called a Five Day Notice, is used in the state of Virginia to notify tenants of a violation or delinquency.

This document is a template for a Notice of Entry in Maryland. It is used to notify tenants of their landlord's intent to enter their rental property.

This is the most basic eviction notice form on a single page given to a tenant by the landlord due to the nonpayment of rent.

This document is a template that outlines the agreement between a roomer and a landlord. It includes important details such as rent, duration of lease, and responsibilities of each party. Use this template to create a legally binding agreement for renting a room.

This document is a template for a No Trespass Notice, specifically for use in Massachusetts. It allows property owners to formally notify individuals not to enter or remain on their property without permission.

This 30-day notice to vacate is a detailed two-page sample notice with instructions and cleaning tips. It provides also a paragraph on cleaning inspection and move-out guidelines.

This is a five-day notice to pay rent or vacate premises from Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. It contains an excerpt from the landlord-tenant regulations on credit reporting and double rent.

This document is a Three-Day Notice to Perform or Quit, which is used in California. It is a legal notice given to a tenant who has violated the terms of their lease agreement. The notice gives the tenant three days to either remedy the violation or vacate the premises.

This document is used to notify a tenant in California that they need to pay their rent within three days or face eviction.

This document provides a forms packet for tenant's summary proceedings in New York. It includes necessary forms for legal proceedings related to landlord-tenant disputes.

This document is a Notice to Vacate for Nonpayment of Rent in the state of Kansas. It is used to inform a tenant that they must vacate the property due to unpaid rent.

This form is used for obtaining a judgment in a forcible detainer case in Kentucky. It is used to legally evict someone from a property if they are unlawfully occupying it.

This form is used for initiating an eviction process in Kentucky. It notifies the tenant of an upcoming eviction hearing trial by the court.

This document provides instructions for handling a Forcible Entry and Detainer (Eviction) Case in Maine. It includes step-by-step guidance on the legal process and what is required for filing a case.

This document is a notice to vacate for residents of Montana. It is used to inform tenants that they must leave the property by a specified date.

This document notifies tenants in New Jersey of important information or changes regarding their rental agreement or the property they are renting.

This Form is used for tenants in Saskatchewan, Canada who want to give notice to their landlord to vacate the rental property before the end of the lease agreement due to a specific cause.

This document is used to file a complaint for eviction in North Dakota. It outlines the legal process for evicting a tenant and addresses any issues or violations of the rental agreement.

This document is a form used by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) for landlords or property managers to provide a statement in Urdu language. It is used for communication between the landlord/manager and DSHS regarding benefits and assistance programs.

This type of document is used for initiating the legal process of eviction in the state of Kansas. It is a summons that notifies the tenant of the landlord's intention to evict them from the property.

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