Printable 30-Day Notice to Vacate Templates

What Does a 30-Day Notice Mean?

A 30-Day Notice is a letter from the landlord to the tenant or vice versa that provides notification of a demand to vacate or of planning to vacate the premises. It allows one of the parties to cancel the tenancy agreement and informs the tenant of the landlord's demand to vacate the premises within 30 days or notifies the landlord that the tenant wishes to leave within 30 days.

Alternate Name:

  • 30-day Notice to Quit or Vacate.

There are other types of Notices to Quit or Vacate, such as 3-, 7-, 10-, 14- and 60-day notices, and all of them fall into the category of Lease Termination Letters. The standard is a 30-day notice, but if the lease says 45, you need to give your tenant 45 days before they move out. You can use one of our 30-Day Notice templates to draft your own document.

Either party can make a formal request and give the notice to move out. The notice can be sent for any kind of lease, including Month-to-Month Rental Agreements, short-term contracts, etc. An official letter can be required by the agreement in case of leases that have an official end date. This document gives the tenant the time to look for a new residence, and the landlord can be free to advertise and find a new tenant.

What to Put in a 30-Day Notice Letter?

Read your Rental Agreement thoroughly and make sure you understand everything that is contained within. Identify the lease you have signed with another party and the terms of your contract. It is recommended to first speak to the landlord or the tenant before you send them any 30-Day Notice to vacate. Give the notice to vacate in a timely manner so that the other party is not taken by surprise - it might be useful to maintain good standing with your landlord/tenant to keep your rental history clean.

Next, make your intent to leave the property or to request that the tenant leaves known to the other party by putting it in writing. There are various requirements for 30-Day Notices that differ from state to state. Usually, it contains the names of the parties, the intent to terminate the lease/tenancy agreement, the address to mail the security deposit to, and the move-out inspection time. The party who wants to cancel the agreement signs the form and gives the contact information in order to schedule a walk-through inspection of the premises.

Make a copy of the official notice and keep it. If you send the document via mail, use delivery confirmation, so that you can have proof the addressee received your letter.




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This form - called the “30-day Termination Notice Form” - demonstrates a letter given to the tenant by a landlord in Minnesota. It is a brief one-page letter.

This 30-day notice to vacate is a detailed two-page sample notice with instructions and cleaning tips. It provides also a paragraph on cleaning inspection and move-out guidelines.

This document is used when a tenant in California wants to inform their landlord that they will be moving out of the rental property within 30 days.

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