What Is a Lease Termination Letter?

A Lease Termination Letter is a notice warning that the Lease Agreement or Rental Agreement between the landlord and the tenant is coming to an end. This is not a simple statement that the period of rent is expiring.

Alternate Names:

  • Lease Termination Agreement;
  • Early Lease Termination Letter;
  • Notice of Lease Termination;
  • Notice of Terminating Tenancy.

Usually, the landlord can decide to terminate the lease for a number of reasons, such as the tenant violated some of the terms of the rental arrangement, failed to pay rent or there may have been a situation that makes the residence unsuitable for living. The reasons do not have to be all that negative, e.g. the landlord may decide to sell the place, the tenant may be moving for a new job or marriage, or need a larger space to welcome new children or pets.

Lease Termination Letter Types

You can end a lease in one of the following ways: either send a letter to terminate tenancy unilaterally, matters not if you are a landlord or a tenant, or you can come to an agreement and sign a Lease Termination Agreement. Use our ready-made templates when drafting your own letter:

  1. Generic Lease Termination Letter. This template is ready to be filled out and signed right away.
  2. Sample Early Lease Termination Letter. Use this document as a reference if terminating your lease early.
  3. Sample Commercial Lease Termination Letter. This is a sample letter for individuals looking to get out of a Commercial Lease Agreement.

It is a custom to distinguish three types of end tenancy letters according to the cause: "Pay Rent or Quit," "Cure or Quit," and finally, an "Unconditional Quit." If the termination is without cause, the landlord has to give the tenant either a 30-Day Termination Notice or a 60-Day Termination Notice.

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"Lease Termination Letter Template"

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is a written document completed by one of the parties to a lease agreement (a landlord or a tenant) to notify the other party the lease will be canceled.

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Termination Letter Template Letters

Sample "Commercial Lease Termination Letter"

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This is a letter completed by the party that wishes to cancel the existing lease with or without a reason.

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Termination Letter Template Letters

Sample "Early Lease Termination Letter"

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Termination Letter Template Letters