60-day Notice Template

60-day Notice Template

What Is a 60-Day Notice?

A 60-Day Notice is a typed or handwritten letter prepared by the landlord and sent to the tenant to tell the latter they must vacate the residential or commercial property within sixty days due to a violation of the Rental Agreement. You can download a printable 60-Day Notice to Vacate template through the link below.

Alternate Names:

  • 60-Day Eviction Notice;
  • 60-Day Notice to Vacate;
  • 60-Day Notice Letter.

There must be a legitimate reason mentioned in the Rental Agreement signed by the parties right before the tenant moves in that allows the landlord to take their property back and find a new, more responsible tenant. Whether this individual did not pay on time or was too loud and did not let their neighbors sleep at night, the landlord is within their rights to inform them they will not live in this place or use the office space for their business anymore - with enough time to find another real estate and move out.


How to Write a 60-Day Notice?

Follow these steps to draft a 60-Day Notice to Vacate:

  1. Identify the parties to the rental agreement, write down the legal address of the property, and refer to the original contract you have signed with the tenant.
  2. Certify the letter recipient has violated their contractual obligations and indicate a particular clause in the contract.
  3. State the date the tenant must vacate the premises. You must follow the terms and conditions of the agreement signed by you and the other party - if there is a provision that says you must warn the tenant about the eviction ten or thirty days in advance, prepare a 10-Day Eviction Notice or 30-Day Notice instead.
  4. Confirm your intention to receive a certain sum of money - unpaid rent and compensation for damages - from the tenant.
  5. Add your contact details and offer the tenant to call or mail you and discuss the issue in more detail - especially if you are prepared to give them another chance should they make up for their mistake within two months.
  6. Sign and date the notice. Send it via email or certified mail to obtain a receipt.

How to Get Out of a 60-Day Notice to Vacate?

Here are some tips for a tenant who has received a 60-Day Eviction Notice:

  1. Do not ignore anything your landlord or property manager has sent you. Be open to a discussion and do not delay communication - it may jeopardize your chances to remain a tenant.
  2. If you are being evicted for a violation you can fix and prevent it from happening in the future, do it. In most cases, tenants are asked to leave the property if they failed to make rent payments on time - contact your landlord and offer them to pay the money back. It is possible they will agree to receive the money you owe in installments and/or with interest.
  3. Check the laws of your state and the terms of your rental agreement. Find out what is considered a violation and confirm that the landlord complied with the contract's requirements. If, for instance, the landlord tells you to vacate the premises via a phone call instead of sending you the notice via certified mail, you may dispute the eviction.
  4. If you have had a good relationship with the landlord up until the notice, you may convince them to give you another chance, especially if you are going through hard times at the moment - you have been ill, lost your job, or have troubles with your studies. Do not be afraid to reach out and patch things up with the landlord.

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  • 60-day Notice Template - A comprehensive and professionally created template for issuing a 60-day notice.
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