Rent Increase Letter (Notice of Rent Increase Form)

Rent Increase Letter (Notice of Rent Increase Form)

What Is a Rent Increase Letter?

A Rent Increase Letter is a written document prepared by the landlord and presented to the tenant to inform the latter they will have to pay an increased amount of rent to be able to stay in the rented property. It is obligatory to notify the tenant in advance about your decision to charge more money for the tenancy in accordance with the agreement you have signed and state and local laws.

Alternate Names:

  • Rent Increase Notice;
  • Notice of Rent Increase Form.

You can download a Rent Increase Notice template through the link below{class="scroll_to"}. An open and honest message you send to the tenant will help you to maintain a positive relationship with them while also earning more money from the real estate you own.


How to Write a Rent Increase Notice? {id="mcetoc_1f5vs6fnh0"}

Here is how you need to compose a Notice of Rent Increase Letter:

  1. Greet the tenant and identify yourself - although it will be clear to the tenant who sent them the letter, your name must appear in the letter in case there are any legal disputes later and the tenant claims they did not receive any correspondence from you.
  2. State the purpose of the notice - you are informing the recipient of an increase in their rent amount.
  3. Indicate the date the new rent amount must be paid. Generally, this new provision enters into force in a month or two after the notice is delivered - the rent amount remains the same for several weeks at least.
  4. Confirm your decision to increase rent does not affect other terms and conditions listed in your original lease or rental agreement.
  5. Although it is the landlord's right to charge more rent from the individual who lives in the house or apartment that belongs to them and there is no legal obligation to explain the reason behind the rent increase, you may add that you have faced financial difficulties lately, significantly improved the property at your own expense, or refer to the average rent in your area to show the tenant why they have to pay more now.
  6. Tell the letter recipient you appreciate their tenancy and hope they will continue their residence. Remain polite yet professional.
  7. Add your contact details and offer the tenant to reach out to you in case they have any questions or issues.
  8. Sign and date the Notice of Rent Increase. You can either present it to the tenant in person and ask them to sign a copy of the letter or send this document via certified mail. In the latter case, you will be able to obtain a receipt that verifies you have communicated the intention to change the terms of the rental agreement.

How Much Notice Does a Landlord Have to Give to Increase Rent? {id="mcetoc_1f5vs6fnh1"}

Before you draft a Notice to Increase Rent, check the original rental agreement or lease you have signed with the tenant to see whether the notice time is mentioned there. If you have not negotiated and included this detail in your contract, you should serve them a notice one or two months before the increase. Usually, you can increase the rent once every twelve months especially if you have improved the property or the average market prices went up. Consider all the risks, however - if the increase is unreasonable or excessive, the tenant may want to move out once the lease expires, so in case you do not want to look for a new tenant, negotiate the rent increase with the current one.

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