One-Page Rental Agreement Template

One-Page Rental Agreement Template

When renting out an apartment, house, or any other property, a homeowner would understandably want to create an agreement between themselves and a potential tenant. A One Page Rental Agreement is a perfect solution. This agreement is formed between a landlord and tenant, creating a simple lease agreement that allows a tenant to reside on the property, usually for a predetermined amount of time. In return, the landlord receives a payment, otherwise known as rent. Such agreements will often highlight the rental price, duration of stay, and the responsibility of the tenant in regard to utility bills.

Alternate Names:

  • One-Page Lease Agreement;
  • Simple One Page Rental Agreement;
  • 1 Page Lease Agreement.

The main advantage of signing a One-Page Lease Agreement is that it acts as a problem solving tool if any conflicts arise between the two parties. All conditions are written out clearly, so either party would simply have to open the contract and point out the relevant clause in the agreement to resolve any questions that may arise during the lease.

A One Page Rental Agreement template can be downloaded by clicking here.


How to Write a Simple Lease Agreement?

A well written simple Lease Agreement will contain points including:

  1. Date on which the contract becomes effective.
  2. Details of the rented property and homeowner: the name of the landlord, their address (where a tenant would send any correspondence to), and the full address of the rented property.
  3. Information about the tenant: their full name and address for correspondence.
  4. Deciding on the type of lease: if it is a fixed lease (i.e., for a fixed period of time), the start and end date of the lease must be specified. If the lease is based on a monthly agreement, the agreement needs to include not only the starting date, but also the required period of notice that the tenant needs to provide before the agreement is deemed terminated.
  5. Financial terms: the obliged sum of money the tenant needs to pay along with the date of the payment needs to be clearly outlined. In this clause, details regarding any compulsory security deposit and/or the last month's rent also need to be included. These points are up to the discretion of the landlord.
  6. Conditions of the agreement: including information on the ways in which the tenant may use the rented property, conditions for evictions, damage to the property (who is responsible for what under various circumstances).
  7. Utility payments: what utilities are covered by the landlord (if any) and what is expected to be covered by the tenant. It will also be worth noting information regarding the general maintenance of the property.
  8. Other additional terms: if there are any specific terms for example, regarding parking spaces or pets in the property, these should be outlined in this section.
  9. Signatures: both parties sign and print their name at the end of this one-page document. Both parties are required to have a copy of the agreement. The lease is only considered effective when both parties sign the agreement.

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