Roommate Agreement Template

Roommate Agreement Template

What Is a Roommate Agreement?

A Roommate Agreement is a legal contract that can be signed between people who share a residence together. The purpose of the document is to regulate the relationship between the parties that have signed the contract (generally referred to as "roommates" or "occupants"). A printable Roommate Agreement template can be downloaded through the link below.

Alternate Names:

  • Roommate Rental Agreement;
  • Roommate Lease Agreement;
  • Room Rental Agreement;
  • Rent a Room Agreement;
  • Joint Lease.

A Roommate Agreement Form can be used for any type of property that the parties share, whether it is a house or an apartment. The agreement can secure the rights of both sides when it comes to litigation, that is why it is necessary to sign it before the party has moved in. It should cover basic living situations, as well as emergency situations and financial questions.


How to Write a Roommate Agreement?

Before writing the agreement, the roommate should prepare a Roommate Agreement checklist where they will name all of the things they should include in the document. A Roommate Agreement Form can contain parts, such as:

  1. Information About the Parties. In the first part of the document, the parties should designate their names and the contract's subject. They should express their wish to enter into an agreement that will regulate the relationship between them while they are sharing a residence together.
  2. Information About the Property. Parties use this part of the contract to state information about the flat or the house they are going to live in, such as its full address, floor (if applicable), number of bedrooms, square footage, and other characteristics.
  3. Rental Agreement Details. Here the parties can include information from the Rental Agreement that was signed with the landlord. This part can designate general rules, such as whether pets are allowed on the property, or for how long guests are allowed to stay, as well as other conditions, like the duration of the lease and the deposit amount.
  4. Roommate Agreement Terms. This is the main part of the agreement which is supposed to list all of the rights and responsibilities of the parties. Here, they should describe all of the terms they must obey over the course of the rental period.
  5. Signatures. To express their consent with everything written in the contract, and state that they are entering the contract fully lucid and under their own free will, the parties should sign the contract.

Parties can negotiate and include other sections in their contract, such as the governing law and jurisdiction, contract termination, amendments, severability, etc.

How to Evict a Roommate With No Rental Agreement?

The process of evicting a roommate who is not on the Rental Agreement will depend on the state law where the property is located since different states apply different rules to this process. Nevertheless, there are a few steps that can be taken in regards to this matter, such as:

  1. Have a conversation with the roommate. The process should begin with a conversation where a person doing the eviction will state the reason(s) why their roommate should move out. If talking to the roommate does not help, then the person can move to other steps.
  2. Serve an eviction notice. The evictor can serve their roommate a simple Eviction Notice. In most states, if a person does not have a lease they are considered to have a month-to-month lease, which means that the roommate will have one month to vacate the premises;
  3. File a formal eviction request with the court. If the steps mentioned above do not help then the evictor can file a formal eviction with the court. In this case, the evictor should collect evidence that they want their roommate out for a good cause and they should keep all of their communication in writing.

The person who is doing the eviction should also consider making an appointment with a local lawyer, who will take into account all circumstances of the situation and has a comprehensive knowledge of the state law and local tendencies towards the situation.

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