Landlord Reference Letter Templates and Samples

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What Is a Landlord Reference Letter? 

A Landlord Reference Letter is a written document prepared by the landlord for their tenant who wants to move out and confirm their reliability to the new landlord.

Alternate Names: 

  • Character Reference Letter for Landlord; 
  • Landlord Letter of Reference. 

This Letter of Confidence will prove the tenant pays on time, does not disturb their neighbors, and takes care of the house or apartment in question. Alternatively, a reference of this kind can be composed for any third party that requires information about the tenant before hiring them, enrolling their children in a school, or approving a loan or mortgage. 

Landlord Reference Letter Types 

You can customize any recommendation for your tenant the way they ask and the way you deem fair. However, at a minimum, you should greet the person who will be reading the letter if you are provided with their personal details, introduce yourself, identify the tenant, and explain you have been renting out your property to them, indicate the duration of the tenancy, certify the person in question has been responsible with respect to their contractual obligations, has paid you on time, and took care of the residence and property that came with it. Add your contact details to let the third party reach out to you if they have any concerns or issues. 

  1. Generic Landlord Reference Letter. Complete this template to record the location of the rented estate, indicate the amount of rent you have charged, and write down your own impression of the tenant.
  2. Sample Landlord Reference Letter. Drafted by the landlord or the property manager, this document verifies the tenancy of the individual who requested the letter, describes the integrity they have demonstrated during the past months or years, and confirms the willingness of the letter writer to rent their real estate to this tenant again if the opportunity arises.
  3. Sample Landlord Reference Letter for Tenant. Use this reference to outline the details of your relationship with the tenant, reiterate their ability to pay on time, and offer the letter recipient to contact you in case they need more information. 

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Sample "Landlord Reference Letter"

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This written statement may be prepared by a landlord, for a tenant who plans to move out and needs to show their future landlord that they should be chosen as a tenant.

Sample "Landlord Reference Letter for Tenant"

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A tenant moving to a new rental property may use this letter if they will need a letter to show they have been a reliable tenant.

"Landlord Reference Letter Template"

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These letters prove that the person is someone who can be relied upon, for example, when an individual seeks to enroll children in a new school, applies for a mortgage, or intends to move.