Letter of Recommendation Templates and Samples

What Is a Letter of Recommendation?

A Recommendation Letter, more commonly known as a Letter of Recommendation, is a type of Reference Letter that is given by one person of authority to another person with the goal to start an activity in a new place of work. It may be a situation when the person is applying for a new job or trying to enter a university or even work as a volunteer.

Letter of Recommendation Types

Although there is no single specific format for the letter, there are commonly accepted norms that collect positive details about the person being recommended in a logical and concise sequence. Naturally, it should be written by someone who knows the applicant well in order to attest to their personality and skills. Ideally, this person is the former superior or professor, or any other individual who knows the applicant from a work-related angle and is well acquainted with their professional history, attitude, and values.

Whether you are looking for new employment, an academic position, or a personal reference, pick one of our Recommendation Letter templates. The template offers a draft with some general background information and a few options to come up with a glowing recommendation.

One basic expectation for the Letter of Recommendation is not to consent to write it unless you can heartily recommend this person for whatever position they are applying for. Do not agree to provide this letter if you are busy, stressed, or short of time and feel you cannot commit to a quality document. Another important rule is to be truthful and accurate in describing the competencies and skills of the applicant.

How Do You Write a Recommendation Letter?

Begin by stating about your professional background, in what capacity your encounter took place and your relationship to the applicant, how well you know them, when and due to which circumstances you met, what helped you to know this person in a professional setting. Describe the applicant’s best qualities and specify how they fit the desired position. Finally, do mention their weaknesses. Do not forget that different institutions have their own methods of letter delivery. Depending on these requirements print, sign and mail the letter.

What Should a Recommendation Letter Include?

The letter must normally cover three major points:

  • A few sentences about how you know this person and the duration of your relationship;
  • A few specific examples illustrating this person’s skills and accomplishments; and
  • A concluding paragraph summarizing why you would recommend this person and to what degree you think this person is suitable for the position.

Do not make your letter longer than two pages. At the same time, if you do not put much thought into your presentation you can appear sloppy and your letter will lose its trustworthiness for the reader. Remember, that your letter is contributing to someone else’s future. Do not compromise it by poor work.

What Is a Professional Recommendation Letter?

A professional reference is typically your former employer, colleague, client, supervisor, teacher, academic advisor, or any other person having first-hand knowledge of your work and can vouch for your qualifications for a job. Do not use your family members as references even if they were indeed your supervisors at work. It is somewhat assumed they will be biased, even if it is not the case.

How Do I Write a Recommendation Letter for Myself?

You write this kind of letter if the institution you are applying for asks you to do so. Write your letter the same way you would write a letter for someone, i.e. introduce yourself by describing your background, speak about your qualities in a positive light, do not forget to mention where you fall short. At the same time, try to make your shortcomings look like strong points, or at least do not present absolute deal-breakers, like competencies limitations.

You may want to mention you are aware of a certain problem, but you are working on it. Give a specific example. Do not dwell on your faults and flaws, however, as a Letter of Recommendation is not about your deficiencies, but about your gifts and skills. The information you provide will shed light on your values and objectives.

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Complete this template in order to provide information about a potential new member of a sorority.

This document template is used to confirm volunteers' participation in dental or non-dental activities for various organizations.

This is a written statement of support prepared by an employer for their current or former employee to help the latter enroll in a medical school of their choice.


This letter is used for highlighting a medical assistant's expertise in their field to make them stand out amongst other candidates for a degree program or job.

This letter showcases the skills of an applicant looking to apply for a medical assistant job and also comes in handy for a routine performance review.

This letter helps show the strengths of a medical assistant interested in an externship while working in a medical office environment and how they interact with patients.

This letter is completed by the physician on behalf of their student or colleague in order to support their job application for the position of a medical assistant.

This letter is written by a physician on behalf of a medical school candidate in order to supplement their application to a medical school.

This is a written statement from a professor that supports the application of a student who is looking to enroll in a medical school.

This letter increases the chances of the candidate to enroll in a nursing school by emphasizing their positive qualities and past experience.

This letter is used to support a student's medical school application. It describes their background and lists their skills.

A Letter of Recommendation for Nursing School from an employer is a typed or handwritten document composed by the employer for their employee who wishes to enroll in a nursing school.

Use this sample to draft your own Letter of Recommendation for the coworker interested in attending nursing school.

The purpose of this document is to demonstrate whether the applicant lives according to the policies indicated in the Scout Oath and the Scout Law.

This letter is written by an employer to provide information about a former or current member of their staff.

This letter describes the skills and accomplishments of a student applying for a scholarship and helps the college or university determine who should be awarded financial aid.

This letter is used to describe the abilities of a colleague who is applying for a job.

This letter supports an individual when they want to apply to become a member of a volunteer organization.

Looking to apply for the rank of Eagle Scout? Complete this letter and submit it along with all other supporting documentation.

This letter allows the admissions committee of a law school to confirm the qualifications and skills of a student applicant.

A Military Letter of Recommendation is a document that adds extra merit to an individual's application for military enlistment or promotion in the military by describing their accomplishments and background information.

This is a written document that can be used as a reference to help a registered nurse enroll in a school or program to become an advanced practice nurse.

An individual may use this type of sample as a reference when they would like to apply for a Masters of Business Administration program and need a reference to support their application.

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