Letter of Recommendation for Medical Assistant Templates and Samples

What Is a Letter of Recommendation for a Medical Assistant?

A Letter of Recommendation for Medical Assistant is a document used to add extra merit to a job application of a medical assistant, explaining their credentials and successes. Usually, this medical assistant is a graduate who wants to begin a career or an already established medical assistant who seeks a job change.

Alternate Name:

  • Medical Assistant Reference Letter.

Letters of Recommendation are written by the individual who has witnessed the applicant’s job performance firsthand (it can be a colleague, supervisor, professor, or mentor) and who can give an honest assessment of the applicant’s abilities to help them in the job application process. Letter of Recommendation for medical assistant examples can be found below – browse our library of templates and choose the one best suited for your needs.

Letter of Recommendation for a Medical Assistant Types

Before you accept a request for a recommendation, consider if you have direct knowledge of the applicant’s strengths and skills you can personally vouch for, do you have particular examples of this individual’s work, and can you provide positive feedback. If you are not sure you have enough positive experience with the candidate, let them know respectfully that you are unable to satisfy their request.

  1. Generic Letter of Recommendation for Medical Assistant. Fill out this pre-made template: it's ready to file, print, and sign.
  2. Sample Letter of Recommendation for Medical Assistant Job. Use this sample template as a reference when drafting your own Recommendation Letter.
  3. Sample Letter of Recommendation From Doctor for Medical Assistant. This sample is made specifically for doctors to use as a reference when writing a recommendation for their medical assistant.
  4. Sample Letter of Recommendation for Medical Assistant Externship. Use this document as a reference when applying for a medical assistant externship.

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for Medical Assistant?

If you do agree to give a reference, follow these steps to create a detailed and thoughtful Medical Assistant Letter of Recommendation:

  1. Write a formal salutation. Introduce yourself and your position. Explain the reason for writing. Name the candidate and mention the exact position they are applying for. Describe how do you know this individual and for what length of time. Indicate the professional experience that allows you to make an evaluation of their abilities;
  2. Add a detailed description of the unique qualities, skills, and defining personal traits that will allow the applicant to succeed as a medical assistant. Highlight the best attributes, but do not lie or exaggerate. You may mention the candidate’s accomplishments, recognitions, and awards only if you know they can be proved later. Compare the applicant to other individuals you had a chance to work with or observe. It is a good idea to share specific examples and anecdotes that may emphasize the candidate's chance to do well in a particular field. Show how involved an applicant is with the medical profession and how dedicated they are towards this field. It is possible to recommend the candidate for a particular program or study, especially if you are asked to do it;
  3. Thank the reader for their time and consideration and express your hope that they will consider your recommendation. Write down your contact information to provide an invitation for further communication and sign the letter.

A recommendation should fill at least one entire page. You may send it via e-mail or regular mail – the candidate will give you the instructions. Submit it properly and on time – the applicant’s future career may depend on this one document.

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This letter is used for highlighting a medical assistant's expertise in their field to make them stand out amongst other candidates for a degree program or job.

This letter showcases the skills of an applicant looking to apply for a medical assistant job and also comes in handy for a routine performance review.

This letter helps show the strengths of a medical assistant interested in an externship while working in a medical office environment and how they interact with patients.

This letter is completed by the physician on behalf of their student or colleague in order to support their job application for the position of a medical assistant.

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