Letter of Recommendation for Nursing School Templates and Samples

A Letter of Recommendation for Nursing School is a document that contains information about a nursing applicant’s qualifications, experience, and positive characteristics. This letter will be useful for any nurse who seeks a recommendation from the teacher, employer, supervisor, or coworker to strengthen the application for a nursing position. 

A well-written Recommendation Letter can convince the recruiter this applicant has something special to offer. Browse our library of templates and samples for inspiration on providing a reference to the individual seeking a job in a hospital, clinic, surgical center, or other healthcare institution. 

Letter of Recommendation for Nursing School Types

  1. Generic Letter of Recommendation for Nursing School. Looking for a ready-made template? This document can be filled in, printed, and signed as is.
  2. Sample Letter of Recommendation for Nursing School From Employer. This sample template contains the correct format for drafting a Reference Letter for employers.
  3. Sample Letter of Recommendation for Nursing School From Coworker. Use this example if writing a Reference Letter for a fellow employee.

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for Nursing School? 

Use these tips when writing a Letter of Recommendation for nursing school:

  • Only agree to write a letter if you are happy with recommending the applicant. Otherwise, it is better to refuse right away;
  • Make sure the reader understands who you are and the reasons you can fairly judge the candidate;
  • State clear examples to show what the applicant has achieved - avoid vague and ambiguous claims;
  • Do not add any personal information in the letter, be concise and professional;
  • If you feel the applicant will be a great asset for a particular program, personally recommend them for it.

Structure of Recommendation Letter for Nursing School  

A Letter of Recommendation for nursing school applicant should contain the following parts: 

  1. Introduction. Write two-three sentences to greet the reader, introduce yourself, and specify the reason for writing.
  2. Body of one-two paragraphs. This is the main part of the letter. It should contain a positive endorsement of the individual's attributes and skills. Focus on a few key points and avoid writing more than one-two pages. However, too short a letter will suggest you either do not know the candidate or do not care enough to support them, so do not be in a hurry and spare some time to compose a proper recommendation.
  3. Conclusion. Be short and concise in the last paragraph. Once again emphasize the applicant's positive attributes and state why you think this individual is perfect for the position for which they are applying. You may recommend the candidate “without reservation” or “wholeheartedly” - it will make an impression on the reader.

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This letter increases the chances of the candidate to enroll in a nursing school by emphasizing their positive qualities and past experience.

A Letter of Recommendation for Nursing School from an employer is a typed or handwritten document composed by the employer for their employee who wishes to enroll in a nursing school.

Use this sample to draft your own Letter of Recommendation for the coworker interested in attending nursing school.


This is a written document that can be used as a reference to help a registered nurse enroll in a school or program to become an advanced practice nurse.

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