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What Is a Cover Letter?

A Cover Letter is a short formal document submitted along with longer documents such as a job application, financial statements, visual diagrams, schemes, etc. It serves as a short description of the attachments and lets the other party understand the intended use of the files, distribute them to appropriate individuals and companies, and share the contact information of the sender. It does not matter what documents you send - a simple summary of the attachments and an explanation of why you submit them and which people have to review them will ensure the issue will be handled quicker whether you are applying for a job vacancy, seek assistance from the government, or want to become a student.

Check out our library of forms below to find more Cover Letter templates. Each Cover Letter template can be customized - do not randomly send out multiple copies of the same document.

Types of Cover Letters

The documents below are among the most widely used Cover Letters - you can fill out any Generic Cover Letter and customize it to suit your particular needs whether you are applying for a job or filing documentation to a government agency.

  • Job Application Cover Letter. You can complete this short statement and send it along with the resume and job application. Its purpose is to confirm your interest in the job and verify the educational and professional experience that will help you succeed as an employee;
  • Letter of Transmittal. Used to explain the intended use of the attached documents, this statement lists the files and indicates the recipient of the entire package;
  • Statement Letter. This Cover Letter template is a bit different from others - it is typically longer since it contains more details about the issue at hand. Additionally, it can be prepared in any situation and context whether you need to provide instructions for the documentation or address the envelope to a particular person.

How to Write a Cover Letter?

The proper Cover Letter formatting is very important  - you need to impress the recipient of the documentation whether they determine your academic future or employment, already employ you, or decide a legal matter you have to resolve. Follow these steps to compose a good Cover Letter:

  1. Begin with the Cover Letter heading. Greet the recipient of the letter. Certainly, you can simply write "To whom it may concern" but it is recommended to find the name and title of the individual who will receive the documentation - it will be a great personal touch that shows you have been thorough and found the right department, office, or agency to address;
  2. Main body of the letter. In 2-4 paragraphs, you can introduce yourself, enter your position and the name of the organization you represent, state the purpose for writing, and explain the components of the envelope or attachments to your email. Try not to repeat information you submit in other documents - for instance, do not list your professional skills if you address them in your resume;
  3. Keep a polite and professional tone. Even if you send documentation to complain or you need to provide the other party to legal proceedings with required materials, do not get emotional - only refer to facts and be as formal as you can. Any Cover Letter will be considered written evidence and may be used against you if the situation escalates to the lawsuit;
  4. Prepare the closing part. In the last paragraph, you can mention the desired outcome of the letter you send - maybe, you want to be admitted to a college or be invited to a job interview. Offer the recipient to stay in touch with you by including your contact details - it is a good idea to add a phone number and a mailing address to give the addressee a choice;
  5. Sign and date the document. You may send it via certified mail if you need to obtain a receipt (when sending documentation to a business, court, or government agency) or simply compose an email which is a better option if you are sending multiple copies of documents to various individuals and entities.

How Long Should a Cover Letter Be?

There is no need to draft a long Cover Letter of three-four pages to convey the message. Since you only need to provide a brief description of the documentation and remain in contact with the recipient of the envelope, only devote several paragraphs to the letter and use a smaller font if needed to print not more than one page. Use a formal Cover Letter format (introduction, main part, ending) and you will be able to get your point across and be sure the recipient knows what to do with the submitted documents.

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Individuals may use this sample when they would like a reference when responding to an online job application.

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Individuals may use this sample cover letter when they would like to apply for an IT job.

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This short formal cover letter accompanies a document in order to explain its purpose or importance.

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"Statement Letter Template"

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Often referred to as "information letters," these letters contain a formal statement or a description of facts and events.

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Sample "Cover Letter for Internship Examples"

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14 pages
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Cover Letter Examples Letters

Sample "Cover Letter for Public Relations Writer"

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"Job Application Cover Letter Template"

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