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What Is a Cover Letter for a Job Application?

A Cover Letter for a Job Application is a document that a candidate can attach to their job application in order to detail information about themselves to their potential employer. The purpose of the document is to specify the candidate’s qualifications for the position and to attract attention to their job application.

The letter can be attached to the candidate’s resume or it can be submitted online. A cover letter for an online job application can involve uploading the letter to a particular website. It will give the prospective employer an opportunity to get acquainted with the candidate before they meet and decide whether they should be invited for an interview among other candidates.

Regardless of the way it is submitted, the letter is usually the first thing that the potential employer will learn about the candidate. That is why it is important to pay attention to its content and make sure that the information presented in it is accurate.

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What Is in a Cover Letter for a Job Application?

A Job Application Cover Letter is another opportunity for the candidate to make a good impression on their potential employer. While writing the letter, the candidate should mention several important things. First of all, they should go over the achievements written in their resume and expand upon the information presented there. Details can help the candidate to open themselves up to the prospective employer and show that they know what they are talking about.

Secondly, the candidate can highlight their most relevant qualifications and experiences. It can help to increase their chances of being invited for the interview to discuss their qualifications in person. The potential employer is likely to appreciate the candidate’s extensive knowledge of the particular subject they are working with.

Lastly, candidates can bring up things that they know about the prospective employer and explain why they will be a good fit. It can include some unique projects they have participated in, useful skills, or special knowledge. It will also show the candidate as a multifaceted person with a wide range of interests.

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job Application?

Writing the cover letter is a straightforward process. A Job Application Cover Letter template should include parts, such as:

  • Personalized Address Line. In the first part of the document, the candidate should state the name of the person they are addressing. It is important to avoid the “to whom it may concern” line and make the letter more personalized. It will show their dedication and that they are taking the process seriously;
  • Introduction. Candidates can use this part to introduce themselves by stating their name. In addition to this, they can express their desire to apply for the vacant job position described in the job offer by stating the name of the position; 
  • Information About the Candidate. Here the candidate can detail information presented in their resume, as well as provide other facts they did not mention there. The candidate can designate why they are special and why they think they are qualified for the job in question;
  • Contact Information. In order to make the process easier for the potential employer, the candidate can state their contact details here. The details can include their telephone number, email, and address (if applicable);
  • Conclusion. In the last part of the document, the candidate should show that they hope to hear from their prospective employer and thank them for the time they spend on considering their candidacy for the job position. 

Depending on the circumstances of the situation, candidates can add other parts to the document. For example, if the candidate is applying online for a job connected with art they can provide links to their portfolio. It will be more convenient for the potential employer to check it as soon as possible and make an opinion about the candidate.

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