Sample Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

Sample Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

What Is an Administrative Assistant Cover Letter?

An Administrative Assistant Cover Letter is a written statement prepared alongside a resume and a job application to introduce an individual interested in a job opportunity and share the main details of their career and education so far to land the position of an office assistant. A sample Administrative Assistant Cover Letter can be downloaded below.

This is the document for you if your professional goal is to be responsible for the smooth and productive day-to-day activities of the office - answer telephone calls and greet other employees and visitors, organize appointments and plan meetings, record minutes and coordinate office teamwork, keep a filing system and order office supplies, handle travel arrangements and distribute correspondence.


How to Write an Administrative Assistant Cover Letter?

Follow these guidelines to prepare a Cover Letter for an Administrative Assistant:

  1. Indicate your name and contact information right away - the human resources department needs to see these details if they want to reach out and invite you for an interview.
  2. Verify your interest in the position advertised by the company in question. Try to learn more about the prospective employer - research them online or ask your acquaintances who may work there at the moment - to know what kind of qualities and values the hiring manager might have in mind when scanning through job application packages and interviewing candidates. Write two or three sentences that summarize who you are as a professional and what can you offer to the company to improve them.
  3. Since you are going to share your employment history in the resume, the cover letter should demonstrate the professional experience you are proud of most - your latest job, your biggest accomplishment, or the largest impact your decisions and choices made on the company. For example, you may say in your General Administrative Assistant Cover Letter that you have converted the files previously stored in hard copy to electronic format and provided constant administrative support for senior managers of the organization.
  4. In case you are looking for a job in this industry for the first time in your life and are composing an Entry Level Administrative Assistant Cover Letter, you may need to emphasize the benefits of your education. Whether it is connected to your future duties like writing, economics, or mathematics, or you took classes or courses to perfect your natural abilities, it may be a good idea to mention your academic experience in the cover letter.
  5. Showcase your qualifications. Try to focus on the most important things that will attract the attention of the reader - list both hard and soft skills. In addition to the education you outline prior to this section, certify you are familiar with office management procedures and office equipment, proficient in MS Office, and can easily deal with everyday written and verbal communication. Mention your attention to detail and time management skills, quick decision-making ability and adaptability to the high-pressure work environment.

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