Sample Medical Billing Cover Letter

Sample Medical Billing Cover Letter

A Medical Billing Cover Letter is a formal statement drafted by a job candidate to provide a prospective employer with an insight into the applicant's professional life and qualifications that will allow the latter to record medical procedures and process insurance documentation.

Alternate Names:

  • Medical Biller Cover Letter;
  • Medical Billing Resume Cover Letter.

If you want to work as an intermediary between the healthcare facility and the insurance provider, managing payments from insurers to patients and overseeing the progress of insurance claims, your first target should be impressing the potential employer - typically, a medical facility like a hospital, clinic, or nursing home - and convincing the hiring manager your job application package warrants a call back for an in-person interview. A Medical Billing Cover Letter sample can be downloaded below.


How to Write a Cover Letter for a Medical Biller Job?

Here is how you should compose a Cover Letter for Medical Billing:

  1. Write down your full name and contact information at the top of the page. Do not exceed one page - the cover letter is supposed to be brief and refer the reader to the resume and job application that elaborate on your professional past and accomplishments.
  2. Explain who you are and what you are able to offer the medical institution. Make sure you customize this section for every employer - research them online or ask your acquaintances who work there about the values and characteristics the hospital or clinic is looking for in their employees and try to tailor this paragraph to the specific medical facility.
  3. Highlight your main professional achievement so far. There is no need to list all your employers in the cover letter - focus on the ways your efforts helped the medical facility you used to work for in the past and describe the duties you were entrusted with. For instance, you can inform the hiring manager you were reviewing insurance claims to discover errors and discrepancies and were able to obtain the compensation for the medical office and bill patients on time.
  4. Briefly outline your education. Whether you have studied to become a medical biller specifically or you obtained a degree in a different field, show the employer your academic accolades to persuade them in your diligence and willingness to learn. Name the school you attended and state the dates of attendance. If you have any certifications that confirm your medical biller status, list them here as well.
  5. List the skills that make you stand out among other job applicants. To demonstrate how well you fulfill your professional obligations, you can say you are familiar with bookkeeping and accounting, medical terminology, and billing software. Your soft skills - the abilities that describe how you communicate with other people and approach any task you are given - should include customer interaction experience, adaptability, critical analysis, readiness to work in a team, and proper time management.

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Download Sample Medical Billing Cover Letter

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