Sample Medical Assistant Cover Letter

Sample Medical Assistant Cover Letter

What Is a Medical Assistant Cover Letter?

A Medical Assistant Cover Letter is a supplementary document enclosed to a Job Application and Resume that outlines the credentials of the job candidate and highlights their interest in the advertised position of a medical assistant.

Alternate Name:

  • Medical Assistant Resume Cover Letter.

A sample Medical Assistant Cover Letter can be downloaded below. If your career goal is to perform both clinical and administrative tasks within a healthcare facility, work side by side with medical staff like physicians and nurses, and make sure the establishment is organized and operates properly, first of all, you need to leave a lasting impression on the human resources department employee who will scan multiple cover letters and job applications to decide which candidate warrants a phone call with the invitation for an interview.


How to Write a Medical Assistant Cover Letter?

Follow these guidelines to compose a Cover Letter for a Medical Assistant:

  1. Do not repeat the particulars the employer will read in your resume anyway. Since the cover letter will be the document the human resources department will see first, you should capture the attention of the reader highlighting the most appealing qualities of you as a professional health worker. Make your message concise and clear - you will have a chance to disclose more details about your education and work experience, and the cover letter should not exceed one page.
  2. Select an appropriate format for the document - it should not be more than five or six paragraphs, opt for average margins and single spacing, and pick a professional font, the same for all your documents (Times New Roman, Arial, or Georgia).
  3. If you send your job application package to multiple institutions, make sure you tailor all documents to specific jobs. The cover letter is not an exception - at a minimum, you should learn more about the hospital or clinic in question, find out what qualifications they are looking for, and briefly describe your qualifications and achievements that help you to be different from other candidates.
  4. Focus on one or two career achievements you are most proud of. You may state your last place of employment and elaborate on your duties and accomplishments under the former employer. Use a couple of sentences to list your main skills as a medical assistant - both hard and soft skills that show you are an experienced professional.
  5. In case you do not have medical assistant experience on your resume, it is recommended to concentrate on the previous job you are most proud of even if it has no relation to the medical profession. Alternatively, when you are drafting an Entry Level Medical Assistant Cover Letter, underline your academic experience and share your dream to bring your knowledge and love for patient care into your new job.
  6. Thank the recipient of the cover letter for their consideration and tell them you are looking forward to an opportunity to work for the medical facility in question.

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