Sample Veterinary Technician Cover Letter

Sample Veterinary Technician Cover Letter

A Veterinary Technician Cover Letter is a supplementary statement a job candidate should attach to their job application package giving the hiring manager an insight into their career and filling the possible gaps in their resume when applying for a job of a vet tech.

Alternate Names:

  • Vet Tech Cover Letter;
  • Veterinary Technician Resume Cover Letter.

Whether you are just starting your career as a veterinary tech or you have worked in this field for a long time and have experience performing examinations of animals, administering medication to animals, and supporting licensed veterinarians, you must focus on convincing the potential employer your resume warrants an invitation for an in-person interview. A cover letter that explains who you are and showcases your achievements will certify your enthusiasm for the position and capture the interest of the reader who will then review your resume and job application. A Vet Tech Cover Letter sample can be downloaded below.


How to Write a Cover Letter for a Vet Tech?

Follow these steps to draft a Cover Letter for a Vet Tech:

  1. Indicate your full name and contact information - these details must be easily visible to anyone who reads the letter so that you get a quick call back for an interview. Greet the recipient - if the job vacancy did not specify the name of the recruiter, you can just salute the animal hospital or vet clinic in question.
  2. After you research the prospective employer online and find out what they are looking for in a job candidate, you can introduce yourself in two or three sentences explaining why you should be chosen among other job applicants and highlighting your accomplishments that will improve the clinic or hospital.
  3. There is no need to list all your previous employers - instead, you should emphasize the achievements you are most proud of. For example, you can mention your latest job and tell the employer you were responsible for conducting examinations, administering vaccinations, and overseeing lab procedures while maintaining order and hygiene in the workplace.
  4. Include a section that outlines your education which is crucial if this is your first job application or your work experience does not exceed several months. Tell the recruiter about the degree you have earned and name the school or university you have attended - this way, you can prove you are patient and diligent, prepared to learn new things and polish your skills. If you have additional training or certificates that demonstrate your qualifications, you should include them in the cover letter, especially if the job posting has asked for certifications.
  5. Enter your hard and soft skills. Hard skills - your abilities specific for the position you are applying for - include nursing skills, pharmacology skills, laboratory skills, knowledge of breeds and species, ability to restrain animals, and organizational skills. To describe how you approach your work, you can record your soft skills - strong communication skills, compassion, adaptability, quick thinking.

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