Sample Cover Letter for Graduate School

Sample Cover Letter for Graduate School

What Is a Cover Letter for Graduate School?

A Cover Letter for Graduate School is a document that can be used by an applicant when they plan to apply for a graduate school program of their choice. The purpose of the document is to introduce yourself to the admission committee and make a good first impression.

Generally, a Graduate School Cover Letter should not be longer than a page. Practice shows that this space is enough to provide the committee with all of the useful information, at the same time, avoiding unnecessary details. if you struggle with creating your own document, you can check out our sample Cover Letter for Graduate School that can be downloaded below.


What to Include in a Cover Letter for Graduate School?

Your Cover Letter for Graduate School application is supposed to describe you from your professional attitude. There are no precise regulations on what exactly your letter must consist of, so it is entirely up to you what kind of information to present there. Nevertheless, if you want to achieve excellent results with your cover letter, you should consider providing certain details that will show you from your best side. These details can include:

  1. Educational Experience. One of the most important details of your letter should be the undergraduate degree that you received (or are receiving). In most situations, candidates pick the graduate school program that is connected with their undergraduate degree. Therefore, indicating it will show that you have a big interest in a particular field and explains why exactly you have chosen this program.
  2. Additional Courses. Stating which additional courses you have taken will show your dedication to the subject. Make sure that the courses you mention have a connection with your graduate school program and are focused on improving your professional skills.
  3. Volunteering Programs. Another way of showing how you are invested in the subject is by mentioning your participation in volunteering programs. For example, if you apply for a medical Graduate School program you can designate that you have volunteered in a hospital. Additionally, you can provide the admission committee with a Letter of Recommendation from the volunteering program supervisor.
  4. Accomplishments and Awards. If you have been nominated for any professional or educational awards during your studies, you should definitely include it in your cover letter. Nothing like your accomplishments will describe you as a promising candidate.

How to Write a Cover Letter for Graduate School?

Writing a Cover Letter for Graduate School is an easy-going process. It would not take much of your time, especially if you will follow the plan below. Usually, cover letters consist of several parts, which include the following:

  • Introduction. In this first part of the document, you can introduce yourself to the recipient of the letter, state the name of the graduate school program you are applying for, and explain why you have chosen this program;
  • Professional Background. Here, you can provide the recipient of the letter with information about your education, achievements, and different programs you participated in;
  • Conclusion. In the end, you can express your hope to hear from the admission committee soon.

Every Cover Letter for Graduate School should be accompanied by specific documents that are necessary for the application. The list of required documents can vary, so make certain to contact your graduate school coordinator for more information.

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