Sample School Counselor Cover Letter

Sample School Counselor Cover Letter

What Is a School Counselor Cover Letter?

A School Counselor Cover Letter is a document that you can use if you would like to apply for a job as a school counselor. The purpose of the document is to build up a connection between a job candidate and their potential employer (or interviewer) by showing them as a promising and worthy candidate.

A Cover Letter for a School Counselor gives you an opportunity to introduce yourself to the interviewer and present them with information about your professional achievements, strongest suits, and work experience. There are no strict rules as to what to include in your cover letter. However, if you have never prepared such kind of a document before, you can check out our sample School Counselor Cover Letter that can be downloaded below.


How to Write a School Counselor Cover Letter?

Looking at the School Counselor Cover Letter example can help you understand what kind of information your own cover letter can consist of. Generally, candidates tend to include several parts in their cover letters:

  1. The Title. You can start your School Counselor Cover Letter with a title. Usually, candidates use either their name as a title, their name followed by the job title they are applying for, or their contact details. It is up to you what exactly to choose for the title of your cover letter.
  2. Opening Salutations. Here, you can greet your prospective employer or interviewer. Some candidates use a generic greeting "Dear Sir/Madam," nevertheless if you know who exactly will be reading your cover letter it is better to address them specifically (by name).
  3. Introduction. In this part of your cover letter, you can tell the interviewer about who you are and what you are looking for. Commonly, this part of the letter will consist of two or three sentences, where you would present yourself, talk about your qualifications and work experience, and state the job position you are applying for.
  4. Information About the Candidate. This is the largest part of the letter and it can include all of the information that you think will help to convince the interviewer to invite them for a meeting. It can include information about your career highlights, professional achievements, qualifications, etc.
  5. Conclusion. Candidates can use this part of the document to designate that they hope the interviewer will be interested in seeing them. They can also state that they will be happy to schedule an interview with their potential employer. In order to make this process easier for the interviewer, you can include your contact details here(telephone number and email).
  6. Signature. You can finish your letter by signing it with your name. If you are sending your cover letter via email, then a name as a signature will be enough. If you use a paper version of your cover letter you can sign it by hand - it will add a personal touch to your document.

After you have finished your cover letter, you can attach a copy of your Resume to the cover letter and sent it to your potential employer. Make sure the contact details you included in the letter are actual, otherwise, you might miss your opportunity for employment.

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