Sample Dental Assistant Cover Letter

Sample Dental Assistant Cover Letter

When you are applying for roles as a Dental Assistant, you will need to include a Dental Assistant Cover Letter with each application. This letter will detail your strengths and accomplishments from past Dental Assistant roles that are unique to the dentistry field.

Alternate Name:

  • Dental Assistant Resume Cover Letter.

Before you write the letter you will also want to determine how much you improved the office in your most recent position as a percent instead of vague terms such as "greatly" or "markedly." A hiring manager will be more impressed by data (even if it is hard to calculate an exact number) than expressive language. A Dental Assistant Cover Letter sample can be downloaded below.


How to Write a Dental Assistant Cover Letter?

To write a Cover Letter for a Dental Assistant include the following details in your letter:

  1. Your name, phone number, and professional email address.

  2. Today's date.

  3. Opening salutation with the hiring manager's name if you know it.

  4. Begin the letter by stating the name of the business and position you are applying for. Talk about how excited you are to apply for this role and explain an overview of your soft skills and how you improved the office at your previous job.

    • If this is an Entry Level Dental Assistant Cover Letter you will want to focus on the skills you have learned in school and any relatable skills from other jobs (such as customer service or keeping an office environment organized).
  5. Discuss the main three or four duties you had at your most recent dentistry office, for instance handling insurance and billing, greeting and scheduling patients, or assisting the dentist during procedures with patients.

    • Provide examples where you improved a process or system and estimate how much profit or time saved your work resulted in. Numbers and data will be very helpful to a hiring manager when choosing candidates to consider for the position;
    • You could also include feedback from patients to show that you maintained a very customer-service focus during your time in the office. Improving customer service can be just as valuable as technical skills, so discuss topics like patient retention numbers or an increase in new patients during your time as an employee.
  6. If your skills are more technically advanced and part of your job is often working directly with patients, explain this experience and also your chairside manner. You could also state where you attended training if it is a well-known and respected college for dentistry.

  7. Discuss how long you have been working as a dental assistant and what skills you have developed over the years. You want to show that you are open to learning more on the job and will be open to feedback.

  8. Close the letter by restating briefly why you feel you are an excellent candidate for the position and that you hope to hear from the hiring manager soon.

  9. Closing salutation.

  10. Your signature and job title.

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